Ultrasone 2500/750 right choice for me?
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Mar 26, 2007
I guess they're REALLY prone to personal preference. I'd heard some beyers and I was longing to get some.. when I went to a place to have a listen to a bunch of cans, I fell in love with my 750's. I came down to A/B'ing with the b.d 770's but the prolines just seemed a little more fun for me.. to each his own
I must say though, I still really liked those beyers, but hey, if I love Italy I can still go to Spain
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I've owned DT880/2003, HD650 w/either the Cardas or RAL cable upgrades, and the K701. Right now, I'm a/b-ing the Proline 750 v. HD650/RAL and K701. To be honest, I prefer the 750 to either the HD650 or K701. The HD650 are my least favorite of the three. (Yes, I prefer the 750 w/stock cable even to the HD650 w/upgraded cable!)

My last comparison, in all fairness, should be Proline v. DT880/2005, but I'm almost postive what the outcome would be at this point. The DT880/2003 just didn't quite deliver the critical midrange goods, IMHO.

I am expecting the RAL cable upgrade for the 750 very soon, which should further distance the Proline 750 from the rest of the field.

For me, the Proline deliver an honest, almost raw, midrange that seems as though it's hardwired to my emotional circuitry; together with driving, foundational bass and reasonably extended and balanced highs. While the Prolines may not do any one thing exceptionally, technically well, they manage to get everything reasonably well and balanced. Somehow, for me, they also manage to be the most emotionally involving cans I've heard to date.

(That reminds me: it's to swap out the K701 for the Proline 750.) : )

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Originally Posted by wovenhand /img/forum/go_quote.gif
And for the record, at the time of me selling them they had about 300 hours of burn-in. Sure, they improved with burn-in, but not even close as to what would have been required for me to enjoy them.
Some claim that they need 600+ whatever hours to be completely burned in, but unless those extra 300 hours would have completely changed their sound signature there was just no way I was going to enjoy them.

My ears are crying in fear just thinking of those awful cans.

Oh! I just remembered one perk! They are comfortable to wear! But that's it.

ohh ok i just ordered the 2500...
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Originally Posted by HankTheTank /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Pataburd, thanks for the additional thoughts, they are definately helping me get more confident that i might be throwing my money at the right phones. There are a couple posts in another thread that do worry me a bit and one of those was blessingx saying clarity isn't one of the ultrasone's strengths followed by another member saying that the ultrasones are muddy. Now, blessingx or anyone else, what exactly would contribute to their lack of clarity and would anyone else consider them muddy?

My best guess is that they did not have the screw from the cable going into the headphone cup screwed in correctly and tight enough. This is a common problem encountered by new Ultrasone users. Actually, it is so common, it is almost comical.
As a very experienced Pro 750 user, let me assure you that clarity is definitely among the best features of the Pro 750. They are very detailing headphones and their sound is the exact opposite of "muddy".
Your description leads me to believe that the Pro 750 would be the best headphone for you of the ones you've mentioned. Of the ones you haven't mentioned, I would suggest you also investigate the Pro 900. I have not heard the Pro 900 but I've read some praising comments about it which cause me to want to investigate it's sound myself.

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