Ultra High Performance IC adapter ADP05
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Define decent footprint.  My footprints look quite fine on the ones I laid out.

I have a hard time to make it fit the way you have done. Anyway, I'm ordering pcb's soon so if anyone want a panel or two, hurry up to sign and pay.
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I'm checking interest

The only thing I can say is that I tried those adapters: http://cgi.ebay.com/10pcs-Dual-SOIC-to-DIP-8-Convert-PCB-Adapter-SMD-OPA627-/230408616394
this ad is clearly being b*tchy towards the Browndogs...but I've soldered one of each w/ two LT1363CS8, and the FR is very balanced on the Browndog...but the sound is very bright and most likely oscillating on that ebay adapter. I realize LT1363 is very fast, so it might be an extreme case scenario...I will try again w/ OPA211 and OPA827.
I tried those opamps in my Firestone Spitfire DAC that runs on a linear regulated ±12V PSU.
I'd like to try your adapters BTW

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I really want to try these out...have a bunch of different opamps in soic packages that I want to try in my DAC I/V and filter sections.but am not sure about the quality. 

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