Ultimate UI customization for FiiO M11 / M15 family
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Jun 5, 2020
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Jun 5, 2020
Korea, South
first of all sry for my poor english skill

FiiO M11 / M15 family DAP provides great build quality and sound at this price range, but poor user interface design is a main flaw.

I know that there is no android standard stuatusbar icon for fiio-like volume, but I still cannot understand why on earth they used a custom icon for bluetooth and battery percentage indicator. There wasn't any settings for turning off battery percentage indicator and I wasn't able to remove those icon via systemui tuner. Certainly these thing does not looks clean.

But fortunately there was a root method for fiio m11 family, so I applied root and some UI customization for my m11. and here is the result:


Root Not Needed
- ADW launcher + KWGT (this is what you can see in the picture. creating new theme is needed)
- Neutron Audio Player (main audio app, since I don't like fiio's one)
- KLWP (blurred album art background + HRA logo on the left)
- Music VU Widget app (literally vu meter widget)

Root +Xposed Needed
- Custom Navigation Bar app (main button theme is set to invisible, added extra key for media control)
- Flat style bar indicator app (what you can see in that statusbar. settings are needed and little bit complicated)

VU meter widget will not work on firmware above 0722 beta since audio related android system thingy is changed.
As i mentioned before, some app may require complicated and time-consuming settings. I think most of hard work is for KWGT, so if this thread become popular i will upload APK of my widget settings.
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