Ultimate portable A/V
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Feb 13, 2006
Can anyone recommend a portable media player with the following features:

- S/PDIF toslink out (in for recording would be excellent)
- High quality DAC with line-out capability (or at least a decent amp)
- MP3, Flac support
- MPEG4 video out (via TV connection; internal screen not as important)
- 100+ GB
- Replaceable battery
- Small (~ iPod Video size)

Does such a beast exist? Is anything close?

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Apr 24, 2003
absolutely non existence. i think what you're asking for is a dream paltyer. if it did it probbaly sell for $1000 atleast. to have all features you need to own a iriver ihp140 with rockbox firmware and an archos gmini402. its possible to look at portable media player since they have lots of space and movie support, but i doubt any have digital out or is any small as an ipod. i think only the ihp120 have toslink out.

the players with the most features to date is the cowon iaudio x5, so that will get you to closest to what you desire. but it play only small movies at 15fps.

the archos gmini402 is the only dap i know that is small as an ipod with dvd quality movies support and high quality tv connection, but it lacks the more hifi support on audio department.

the gmini400 is my current players, i will manually install a new harddrive and batteries, and that would be the closest to ultimate as it get, as of now.

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