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Ultimate Ears UE Pro Reference Remastered! (UERR)

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  1. MusicJunky
    Hey guys can anybody compare the UERR to the nt6 please? Should be a good one since they are both quite neutral from what I take and the UERR are a step up compared to the UERM which was said to be a step down from the nt6.
  2. Deftone
  3. hstubc

    They make more money selling CIEMs- this is why! Any company huh! [​IMG]
  4. p4s2p0
    True even professionals have a wide range in preferences,  using brands from audio tech,beats,jbl,senn,v-moda or the countless other brands out there.
    Long as the music comes out good I don't really see why it would matter what they or the consumer use..Long as we enjoy it.
  5. p4s2p0
    Bass level does vary in music and has evolved over the years so we can logically conclude that they can indeed have different intentions and preferences. I have always considered such discussions as serious but there are always people that think only rappers can have such a preference for bass. They must be from a younger generation because I preferred more detailed bass than average before rap was around
    The EQ was created for a reason which IMO is to perfect/taylor the sound.
  6. Toom
    Surely most commercial artists and producers these days master with a view to people playing on idevices via earpods? Probably best to get those if you want to hear what they intended.
  7. neilvg
    Havent been able to get these to work - been trying since jan. Maybe my ear anatomy is different - would love to try an ear scanner. To me they dont fit deeply or at the proper angle to get the sound you all must be hearing -- i need to push them in to get a taste. Ive read up on all the fitting methods - my gf is an audiologist - but I have short shallow canals. Anyway, not even the universals sound good to me. So thats sad.

    Etymotics do sound great - so im not on the moon. Its a fit thing Im sure. The good news is UE are great with helping me out and working with me.

    Also taking the plunge is a no brainer if you have the time since UE will refund you worst case scenario. You'd probably forfit audiologist costs though.

  8. guerillaw

    You should reconsider this generalization as it is, at best, likely quite outdated.
    Consider just the fact that so many artist release music on vinyl and in high resolution formats, no other logical explanation for this other than trying to deliver a better listening experience from an excellent Soundsystem .

    Even that aside most people investing in the gear we're discussing on head fi and especially for figure in ear monitors, are not content with merely commercial music . My favorite album of the year might be viewed as commercial and it is a rap album but you absolutely cannot get the most out of it from an iPod or a car radio .
    It is filled with jazz horns funk loops and almost every instrument you can think of and these nuances, critical to the artist intent, are exactly what high-end Rigs are trying to deliver.
  9. beauxrichards
    Hey Everyone. 
    Here is the full series of videos about the UE Reference Remastered. It features
    Barak Moffit 
    Charlie Paakkari 
    Chandler Harrod. 


  10. xuan87
    I will share my own listening experience but since they are largely based on sonic memory, please take them with a grain of salt.
    I last listened to the UERM demo more than a year ago, I last listened to my own NT6 more than 4 months ago after putting it up for sale, and I listened to the UERR last week.
    In Q4 2014, I was deciding between the UERM and NT6 having found both to be close to my desired sound signature. I ultimately chose the NT6 over the UERM because the UERM is really neutral, resulting in the sound being a little harsh, and the body thin. The NT6 is slightly more full bodied and has greater bass presence (but still bass light).
    The UERR is much more enjoyable compared to the two, with the harshness gone, and sound much more full bodied compared to the two, but the neutral and uncolored sound signature as well as clarity is retained. The UERR is on my "to buy" list, after the FS MG6Pro.
    Another customs that you can consider if you desire a neutral sound is the Hum Pristine Reference. It's not ruler flat, as it has a greater and enjoyable bass presence, while the sound is very slightly colored, but it's probably more enjoyable to a larger audience who I find to prefer a warmer and fuller-bodied sound.
  11. MusicJunky
    Hey thanks for those impressions!
    So you definately think the UERR is on the same level as the nt6? Have you heard the nt6 with the whiplash hybrid v3 cable? I heard it changes the sound a lot and makes it into a more enojoyable experience? First time I have heard of this hum pristine reference and I'll be sure to check them out.
  12. Sam Edwards

    Did you hear them at CanJam SoCal?
  13. xuan87

    No, I heard them all in Singapore where we're lucky to get to listen to demo units of most customs although in different shops.

    No I did not hear it with any aftermarket cables. I prefer to listen to them with the default wires that they come with.
  14. Sam Edwards
    I was really hoping to hear CanJam reactions to these. I was called out of town, but I thought we'd hear more.
  15. HiFiGuy528
    UERR + Woo Audio 2nd gen WA7 at CanJam SoCal.
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