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Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

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  1. UnknownPlan
    Yeah that makes sense, I’m sensitive to highs and bright signatures. And it’s a $1500 investment without any resale value. So I’ll try to get my dealer to arrange the universal demo if possible. Thank you for your input!
  2. seedubchris
    For what it’s worth the custom 18+ are the furthest thing from too sibalent . If anything they are a little dark. The improvements with the true tone are extending the freq out past the hearing of humans so that shouldn’t be a problem either .
  3. UnknownPlan
    My main reason to choose them was the warm smooth signature, but with everyone saying the new Live is sibalent and the fact that v3 uses the same drivers as the live makes me wonder. Hopefully they are still smooth and non fatiguing for long useage
  4. soullinker20
    I have the CIEM. Last time I did audition still the 2nd gen demo, it sounded warmer than my Ciem. Tips also affect the sound of the universals or demo.
  5. twice tzuyu
    Is your CIEM 2nd gen or 3rd gen?
  6. soullinker20
    2nd gen
  7. UnknownPlan
    Wow this is getting more and more confusing, but in a good way! So my dealer has the ue18v2 demo, I’ll try to demo that before I get the ciem. But there is no option to get the v2 now so I’m stuck with v3.
  8. soullinker20
    you might wanna ask your dealer if he has an incoming 3rd gen 18+ :)
  9. twice tzuyu
    I'm in the exact same situation as you. My dealer won't be getting the 3rd generation demos.
  10. UnknownPlan
    sadly not anytime soon, but he is working on getting them. But I don’t think I’ll wait.

    Have you tried the 2nd gens? Can you tell me about the bass response a bit?
  11. seedubchris
    I can’t really see UE releasing a product that would be too much in the high end sound signature . It’s just not what they do . If anything they will be slightly laid back in the highs so the artists that have to wear them for 3 hours a night don’t get ear fatigue listening to them at stage volumes . I wouldn’t think twice about it with this particular house sound . They are most likely quite neutral and flat across the board as they work with the engineers at Capitol who will always recommend a non hyped present the music as it is and not what we would like it to be. This way the signature works for country to death metal, jazz to industrial etc....
  12. seedubchris
  13. UnknownPlan
    That’s actually comforting to hear. I get headaches easily when I wear something that’s not right to my ears. And my dealer says even after the sale UE has really good customer care. Oh and look at these, what do you guys think about this faceplate?

  14. crinacle
    Well... it's official. The original UE18+ (A.K.A. "2nd Gen") and the UE18+ 3rd Gen are completely different sounding monitors.

    2nd Gen:

    3rd Gen:


    Writeup/"review" coming soon. Will update once I'm done.
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  15. UnknownPlan
    I'm this close to getting the Gen 3, actually in 12 hours I'll be auditioning the v2 and placing an order for Gen 3. Please can you tell me the main differences? Or when your review will be up?
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