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Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

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  1. soullinker20
    just pulled the trigger on the 18+ last night. i might have them by late January.

    has anyone tried these with the Hugo2? any issues regarding on the bass?

    and has anyone tried the UE balanced cable and the gold cable (optional)?

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  2. seedubchris
    Congratulations! You are going to love them. There is plenty of bass but it is integrated just right into the spectrum . I doubt you will have a problem. When I asked them to terminate my gold cable to balanced they said no. They don't re terminate their cables and unless they changed their options I don't think they offer a balanced option. As far as the cable itself I was not impressed at all. It seemed pre made and not custom in the least. It sounds ok but it is in SE so I would look elsewhere for a quality balanced cable. Plussound is offering 20% off till the 1st.
  3. soullinker20
    thanks! yes I would really like them base on my extensive audition on them they're my cup of tea. i did already ordered the balance cable oh welps.
  4. seedubchris
    I'm sure you can change your order if it hasn't shipped yet . Seems the only balanced option is a generic copper version . I don't see and gold options that are balanced or else I would ask them to switch out mine .
  5. soullinker20
    1 month of waiting and still no news yet for my 18+

    i'm expecting them this week
  6. AC-12

    Not sure if it helps if you create an account. I can't remember if I received status updates when WIP. I believe I did, but can't remember. I ordered direct not via dealer. Look forward to your impressions as a custom vs demo.


    Last edited: Jan 28, 2018
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  7. soullinker20
    ^ thank You
    I bought a custom too. My dealer said maybe this week.
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  8. linux4ever
    Hi Lucif6r6th, I see that you've Dx200 with AMP1/AMP4. I've the same and I'll be getting my UE 18+ To Go shortly. Does it take a normal MMCX cable or is it a proprietary MMCX? Can you provide some more info in Effect Audio EOS 2.5mm & PW Audio Single Crystal Silver 4.4mm? Plus the price and where can I get them in USA? Thanks!

    Edit: Looks like a proprietary 2 pin cable. Will the standard 2 pin custom cables work?
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  9. Lucif6r6th
    UE uses the extruded 2 pin connector. Standard 2 pin works but is not recommended. Pokes out quite a bit and with reversed polarity.
    Effect Audio EOS is discontinued :frowning2: and I ordered my PW Audio Single Crystal Silver cable from Music Sanctuary.
    Not sure where you can get them from in the USA.

    However, I do recommend the PW Audio No.5 cable instead, a far more natural sounding cable than the PW Audio Single Crystal Silver cable.
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  10. malvinviriya
    The PW Audio No.5 cable can actually be a good pairing with the 18+. I've tried it at MS just yesterday and it kinda ehnances the bass and mids a little bit, giving it a cleaner sound while paired with my DP-X1A. That said I find it a little bit too muted for my preferences.

    So far, the stock cable is the one I liked the most price/performance wise. It doesn't seem to hold the IEM performance down. The Acoustune cable does seem like a good combo too. A close second in my opinion. My friend had one reterminated to normal 2-pin and I had a chance to try it. It seems like it tightens everything, and oddly to me there seems to be more energy in the midtreble while still retaining the upper treble characteristics.

    These are subjective of course, but I hope it helps though. I'm currently waiting on the Acoustune mk3 cables. Their current cables sold at Zepp&Co felt a little bit too thick for me. The newer one that came with the Acoustune 1503 is softer, and it was rumoured that the cables (without the IEM) will make it here just before CanJam SG

    I know I sound indecisive, but honestly I just want some new cable and gear to play around with :grimacing:
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  11. SoundBytes
    Love the UE18+ Pros...and double helix cables are phenomenal with them.
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  12. soullinker20
    Posted it here since it's the right thread.

    UE 18+ Pro


    Finally, was able to listen to them after busy schedule. Did a 10hr break-in before I made my listening sessions.
    Finding the right ciem/iem for me took so many years. After having auditioned and owning some TOTL iems and HPs I did find what I was looking for in the 18+, but of course nothing is perfect. Now, I'm a believer, more drivers doesn't always mean the better.
    What I did like on these, is that they sound so spacious and open to my ears. the bass have the right amount of quantity for me. Not too much and not too soft. At times, depending on the song it gives me a lot of bass and rumble. Mid bass have the right amount of punch but won't give me more which is fine for me. Mids are the highlight to me, I always wanted a very very natural sounding vocals(which I find on DDs, fx700, 1+2 & ex1000) without sounding too distant and too forward and not mid centric. Sometimes depending on the song setting or mix, the vocals would be a bit distant or forward (not too forward). I hear a lot of micro details in the vocals which I didn't hear before even on high end HPs. The vocals really sound like the're coming out of the throat and from the diaphragm and best of all, the layering on the tones of the vocals. I could tell if the artist is raising its vocals or playing with it. This kind of details is what I was looking for as they make it sound really natural to me. Every song sounds like the vocals are being performed live, warm but not overly so. I feel like I want to test this on a tube amp to make the vocals sound more romantic and emotional. the highs on this reminds me of the Focal Utopia, correct me if I'm wrong but they sound really alike and identical to me. The highs on these has lot of extension but not much spark. I am lucky that this never sounded sibilant on any of my flawed tracks. Nitpicking, one gripe would be the high mids, sometimes left me wanting a bit more but I understand maybe they tuned it this way to be fatigue free and it is. The presentation is just about right to my ears, one thing that did catch my attention was the focus on the instruments without being analytical. I was looking for this kind of sound. No, they are not too mid forward but enough to be upfront, it is very impressive on how they present the instruments to my ears like they are being played next to me and close. For that, I even feel more the dynamics of the instruments adding to the emotions of the song.
    I had issues with the mids of to go 334, 335, lcd 3 as the vocals sound too much in my face giving me the feeling of being choked. With 18+ tbh, this was my first time to hear a very natural sounding vocal out of a BA. Over the past, the JH13FP was close but not enough, as it sounded sibilant to me that killed it. Was impressed by the bass on the Roxannes but that's just it. I also did like the Layla ll but still did not fulfill me and was also sibilant. the U18 sounded very impressive and fast for me, full of dynamics, but still something was missing. I almost lost hope of finding the right one for me after so many years of search. So I went back to my Sony MDR EX1000. This to me has a very nice tonality and natural sounding vocals and bass. Until, I was able to accidentally audition the demo of 18+ in Jaben and then surprised me, auditioned the UERR first and i was impressed and thinking of pulling the trigger but my gripe was the soundstage and then I turned to the 18+ and everything changed there.
    But still, I would like to audition someday the Phantom and legend X.
    Hope you all appreciate my impressions.

    Lastly, fitting is kind of tricky in my case that the sound response changes. I realized that I didn't had the right insertion the past few days that's why I'm having issues with its bass that on some songs seems too much especially with Hugo2. the bass overpowering issue I mentioned on the other thread was because my wrong insertion and there was none after playing and finding the right insertion for me. It takes time to find the right fit on my right ear because I have a bend on my right ear canal.
    Using it alone with Sp1000 is fine, but with Hugo 2 compared to sp1k alone, the presentation is very well balanced and no instrument is overpowering the other. Vocals sound clean with an added fullness to it. So I prefer using it always with the Hugo 2 which I find the improvements huge.
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  13. seedubchris
    Thanks for the impressions.The 18+ is a special system. It is reassuring that you have tried so many different systems and landed on the 18+.
    I will say that they like being over powered given they are multiple BA which makes them IMG_0800.jpeg power hungry. I have liked them with ak 380 and ak amp but it wasn't until I heard them with the ALO CDM portable tube amp that they really shined. The high mids were a bit of an issue for me as well but has been finally fixed by using silver balanced interconnect between the ak380 and CDM. I finally feel like my rig is end game but only after spending and additional 3k on ak transport and CDM tube power. There are used CDM's that pop up occasionally in the classifieds. I can't recommend the combination enough. Your suspicion that tube power could help with the sound presentation with the 18+ is dead on. Just don't forget to use silver "Balanced" cabling between the 1000 and the tube amp and high end silver/gold plated silver cabling leading to the iem's. Happy listening.
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  14. soullinker20
    last night I did use them with my ALO Continental dual mono. It adds more meat at the mid range and noticeable punch to mid bass. I am much more impressed with the 18+, I am not really into tube amps because of how it makes the sound thick (but romantic) and leads to congesrion in my case.. no issues with the 18+
    even though the low mids are slightly forward the big soundstage caters to it.
  15. seedubchris
    Ever with silver interconnects? That made a huge difference switching from ALO sfx 8. All the highs came alive which was what I thought was always lacking.
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