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Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

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  1. Greutel
    So the re-400 arrived and i compared them to my ue900. 
    Short version: The UE900 walk all over the re-400, but for 100 bucks the hifiman is incredibly good.
    If anybody is interested, i will post more details.
  2. violencer
    Hi, From my experience, UE900 is tip depended in sound signature. If you really want to make them flat-neutral, I suggest you try JVC Spiral Dot or UE TF.10 tips (which are the same tips). No need to modify them. UE900 have veiled upper mids in 2k-5k not lower mids. In my opinion and practice, there are nothing interested in 2k-5k region for Metal music, except for vocal. From what you are saying about metal music, looks like you prefer more open (less warmer) and more aggressive sound (less smoother mids). I don't think that any mods or tips give you from UE900 what you a looking for. I can only suggest you try UE900 with SPC cable, for example with FiiO's cable, but even cable makes them just a little more aggressive.
    Here is the UE TF.10 tips:
  3. atistatic
    I don't understand this is 900s or 900, cuz there are details of 900s and 900 ... i bought the white box.
  4. Tommy C
    I had both, looks like the 900. 
  5. Criss969
    That looks like the 900 because of the black connector, not the 900S
  6. atistatic
    i don't understand why came from a white 900s box then ?
  7. dazzerfong
    There was a period where 900's came in a 900S box. Look back a few pages, you'll see the rant.
  8. Criss969

    I could be wrong. I do know that I purchased the 900s used off of a head-fi member and mine are a unibody.. the connector is not black, it is blue and molded into the IEM body.
  9. dazzerfong
    Like I said, there's a period where the UE900 was in the UE900S box. It seems to have mostly passed now: I bought a unibody UE900S 6 months ago or so.
  10. violencer
    I don't think that you should worry about that it's not a unibody version. Even unibody version can be broken, I can't even imagine how they do that, I saw this picture on instagram :)
  11. ScottFree

    Sometimes superglue is your best friend.

    Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  12. maniac2003
    To gain some funds I might be selling my UE900. Somebody in here interested before it goes on sale on Head-Fi?
    Original 900, comes with most accessories. Foam tips are used so you won't want those I guess [​IMG]
    I have a extra original black cable from the 900S which I can throw in.
    Please contact me via PM if interested.
  13. JacobHansen
    damn mine just broke :frowning2: hope I can get them replaced.
  14. shacky
    I had put my 900S aside and was using my old Shure E5 till cable finally gave out on the Shures : (

    So I decided to play around with the 900S tips. Tried a smaller size soft rubber tip - and wow night and day difference! I kept going larger trying to get better isolation/seal the it struck me to go smaller.

    I immediately felt the telltale "vacuum" for better word. I have been disappointed in bass. They are still not bass head OEM's but boy what wonderfully detailed and extended bass!!!

    I was up late listening to favorites presented in a beautiful new light.

    I'm in love with my 900S !!!
  15. smy1
    i dont know if i should buy the ue900s on amazon. I want something silky smooth mids and i heard they send out ue900 instead of the ue900s
    I hate dull boring sound on my re 400 and i heard these and the re 400 sounds kinda the same
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