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Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

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  1. feedtheducks
    I had exactly the same thing happen to one of the replacement of my ue900. I called Logitech and they replaced it. If ur under warranty, get a replacement. Or if ur outside of warranty, customs. I think it is messed up. If u can get the little metal piece out, I have my ue900 cables. Shoot me a pm, if u need a cable.
  2. z-iron
    Can anyone tell me which tips will provide the best bass with the ue900s? I don't mind paying like $30 with shipping for these, I want more bass! 
    I was using a double-flange silicone, but 1 of the tips has gone missing... I ordered a triple flange silicone of ebay for like $10 about a week ago. Any other ear tips that people here would recommend? 
  3. a_recording
    Here is the response from Rory Dooley (General Manager of UE) to my questions:
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  4. DJScope
    Unless UE has stated in their advertising and pictures on their order page that you may get a different looking product then everyone who got a different unit is eligible for a refund or replacement unit to the one they ordered. Even if it is technically the same, it doesn't look the same. Its just the way it is. Its a bit of a Schiit go IMO.

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  5. Danz03
    I mentioned before I never owned the UE900 but I remembered demoing them when they first came out and I didn't like the sound signature then. When I demoed the UE900s last month, I liked them straight away and got a pair before I even knew about this unibody scandal. I did an A/B test a couple of weeks ago with a pair of UE900 and my UE900s in a shop. The UE900 sounded very bass heavy in comparison, whereas the 900s were tight with a lot of clarity and details. And compare to the UM3x, my 900s sound a little bass light. It is very possible that UE could have just tuned them differently and market them as UE900s, whereas the unibody version with the new sound bore could be made to address the problem of the easily clotted problem of the UE900.

  6. Tommy C
    This is pretty interesting and somehow makes sense. My 900 has great bass and I never once found it light. I am not a basshead but like bass. For a balance armature the bass of my 900 is very solid.
  7. Tommy C
    Thanks very much for sharing. Unfortunately I predicted the answers to most of the question, and to put it politically correct, I am so not surprised. Also, their vision, customer service and support moving forward don't reallly give me a great deal of confidence in their products. I like my 900 but this is most likely going to be my last Logitech/ Ultimate Ears earphones.
    I think it's pretty safe to say that Logitech completely destroyed the Ultimate Ears line which is very sad and disappointing for the community.    
  8. calebot
    LOL..UE is the brand of choice for the worlds top touring musicians, audio engineers and people who understand and appreciate high-end sound. UE along with the resources of its parent is in the best position to capitalize on a growing market. It's also a smart move IMO, to just focus on the upper end market where their product are best known.
  9. a_recording
    Not if you do things that alienate that market, when they tend to be very well informed and very selective.
  10. calebot
    Personally, I think UE should avoid the under $500 consumer market altogether--keeps out the riff raff
  11. Danz03
    That's why I think anyone who's interested in getting the UE900s should demo them first, they sound very different to UE900. If you like the UE900 sound signature, you may not like the UE900s'.
  12. a_recording
    I agree those terrible plebs with their insatiable demand for the product inside the box to actually be what's on the box!!!
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  13. MachBot
    Made me second guess my poison for the IERM...
  14. KorkiPoo
    My friends UE900 broke a few days ago, this is what happened to it.
    The problem it had is strange, right side started to have connection issues so
    my friend wanted to try and switch the cabled but he couldn't.
    He said that they were stuck but he could still rotate them. He then managed to pull too hard and break it.
    I've helped him contact Logitech UE, they said they're going to send the new UE900s.
  15. Tommy C
    No matter how you sugarcoat it their consumer line has been vanished and was left with the controversy 900s/900. For people who are familiar with Ultimate Ears, JH Audio is their stiff competitor.
    Why go with a company that once was innovative and associated with Jerry Harvey and not go straight to the source?
    If was in the market for high end earphones I would have gone with JH Audio and not with a company that just destroyed its consumer line. Ultimate Ears is Logitech now. There is no Jerry Harvey behind it, yeah, the same Jerry Harvey who made Ultimate Ears so good, or should I say used to be...
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