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I find the comply's notably more isolating than the hybrids with maybe a slightly larger soundstage (since the nozzle sits deeper in the hull than in the hybrids?) but they're infamous for muffling the highs.. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a good seal with the large hybrids because they literally have to be plucked out, like they're air tight. But I prefer the isolation of the comply's. Any middle ground?
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thx all for the replies

might try out the sony hybrid tips from bestbuy, but well if i don't like it i can refund it right? :X

The main reason why i was asking about shure olives cuz i remember trying them on atrios and they were really comfortable! Another reason is that shure olives if you buy them from apple store or something it comes all in medium whereas sony hybrid tips have only 1 medium per set.

I tried the comply that came with the ue but hate the feel and sound of it so didn't use them. I am now using the silicon tips from my old crossroad woody 2 they are softer than the ue tips and fits better
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i highly doubt you can get a refund if you dont like it. once you open it up its pretty difficult to put it back. i thought the same about the hybrids since its only one size but after trying them its totally worth it. i could pretty easily switch large and medium but medium fits better. if you have olives you could try them but for my ears it was too painful after i took the tf10 out to stick with it.
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hmm i don't got the olives, i only demoed it with the atrios somewhere else. But i do remember its really comfortable. hmm guess i ma give thos sony hybrids a try
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Originally Posted by plug /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Where can I get a replacement cable for these, I'm not wanting the UE ones.

Null-Audio or Awwan from eBay.

I just got some (95% chance of being fake) Sony hybrids off eBay and they really do give me a better seal, I only wish I could get my hands on the LL (XL?) then I would be golden. They don't feel like they're going to fall out every two seconds.

I am thinking of custom slip on tips (not a remold) but can't find any definite prices.
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About one week, and I already love them
A big notch above the super.fi 5 Pro. I prefer them to the Sennheiser IE8, but not by a whole lot. They both are transparant and pack some punch, but the Triple.Fi has the edge on treble and excitement.
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So I finally got the caffeine amp and I gotta say, what a HUGE difference of sound between this one and my cheap FIIO3 amp. There is no way to compare the fiio to this. Now I'm wondering how the tomahawk or any of those high end amps would sound with the TF. Poor wallet of mine.
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I use the TF10s with Shure e2c black flex tips, if I want foam I use complies.
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the triplfi bi flange tips work best for me, also the comply tx500 fit good but lessen the punch a bit, i have the mediums but i think the larges might be better for me.
i used to have the w3 but the highs were to sharp. apparently neither the triple or the wetone require burn. i never did a/b them at same time, but i may have too, however the w3 had significantly less punch than the ue5 eb and i hated the chord,, but then again the micro phonics suck on the triplefi 10 (vi) chord with the mic option, this is due to the fact that the mic cables don tseem to be coated with same materail as the regular version,,, the vi chord does get much morre flexible and quieter with time, but this may be helpful to someone . ironically i find that the truplfi fit much better than the w3 did,, the only tip i could use with the stock w3 tips weree also the biflange, and they seemed to really rape your ear canal and after periods of time wee very irritating.
synergy- to me the triplefi sound their best using the Triad Auido Lisa III amp, i use her as my main amp,, lisa makes the triplefi punch so hard and have an extra mid thick rich sound which is very pleasant, much more so than any otf my smaller amps. i will be trading in my small predator to try the larger sr71a blackbird for triple synergy. im done with tiny amps as i think they all fall short in the power department. im sure the iqube sounds great too, but im buyin american, and speaking of that westone 3 and the ue triplefi 10 are both made in the usa
going by memory is not effective imo, so these two shall have it out along side the ie8,(lets hope i get a real pair this time and not fakes again!) my theory is that the triplfi have much more punch than the w3 when a/b together, if this is the case i will again be selling the w3 and picking up a backup pair of tirplefi like i shoudlve already done considering they are my reingin favorite iem. i also surmize that an a/b compare with a real pair of ie8 will live the sennheisers sounding veiled, but we shall see.
listing amp synergy with the triplefie is very helpful as they sound extremely better on certain equipment, more notceable than others,, also i find the are able to be eq'd more and turned up louder and remaing crystal clear before distorting, and my favorite part or the triplefi is diefinitley their punch,simply devine, and the fact theat their highs donot hurt my ears like w3 or denon c710 or any other of my iems. ialso very much like the ue5 eb which has more punch an dbass than any univerasal i have tested to date.
triple awesome!
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My wire is broken.


Originally Posted by MacedonianHero /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The wires are plugged into the IEMs, just get a new one.

Wow, I never even noticed that the wires just plugged right into the ear pieces. I don't know what kind of wire to order, but I'll search around the forum some more.

Is this $39 one for TF10's, or just customs?:
Ultimate Ears Custom Accessories - Headphones Noise Isolating Earphones In-Ear Custom Monitors - Products - Ultimate Ears Earphones Headphones Personal Monitors

Here's one but it's $69:
Headphone/IEM Cable
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How old are they? If pretty new I would start by calling logitech..maybe they will send you out a new one. A few years ago that happened to me and Ue sent me a new one no ? asked. May be different now but worth a try. Otherwise...probably buy from their website. Someone else here can point you to an upgraded aftermarket one.

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