Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10. Great Condition!
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Apr 24, 2012
I recently bought a pair of these from another user on head-fi. They are in great condition with no defects except for a small dent in the case from dropping it. They come in the original box with the airplane adapter and 3 sets of silicon tips plus 2 sets of sony hybrid tips. There is a warranty card in there that I'm pretty sure is still valid as there is no expiration date.
They sound amazing! The reason I am selling them is because I have ATH-M50s for home use, and I bought these for walking to school and biking, and I just can't seem to get them to stay in my ear. The sound quality really is phenomenal, I would say even a little better than my M50s. These would make a great headphone to anyone who has ears that are easier to fit headphones or for someone who is willing to get them custom shelled. 
I would be willing to trade them for any good IEM that stays in your ear well, has a good amount of bass, and is either very durable or has a detachable cable or a good amp like a Fiio E17. I would also sell them to you for around 130 dollars, and I am willing to negotiate. If you have anything else that you think I might be interested in, you can ask about that too. 
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