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Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor Remastered Giveaway

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  1. beauxrichards

    Enter to Win A Pair of Reference Remastered In-Ears from Ultimate Ears

    Ok folks, you are gonna love this!
    UE is giving away a pair of the new UE Reference Monitor Remastered!! Seriously. Get your clicking fingers ready.
    Here’s the deal, we’ll be giving away one pair of UE RRs, we will also take care of your impressions if you don’t have ‘em.
    Only legal U.S. residents of the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of entry are eligible to enter.
    The contest starts Today (July 20th, 2016) at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time and ends 11:59pm PDT August 20, 2016. The winner will be announced shortly after that (within about 3 days of the end of the contest). You can check out the complete rules here:  The UE RR Giveaway OFFICIAL RULES.
    If you win you are gonna be stoked. Seriously stoked!!
    The original UE RM became the go-to choice for all types of music professionals that wanted a perceived flat set of IEMs and was designed in collaboration with the engineers at the legendary Capitol Studios in LA. It’s translational sound attributes also made it a solid option for mixing on the move for many folks. And then they went ahead and improved it. You can expect a wider response in the high end though as Head-Fi honcho Jude says they have a smoother high end and a more realistic low end than the original UE RMs. And, you trust met that dude Jude (see what I did there)  knows what he is talking about.
    You can watch his full video review here.
    Good luck! And may the luckiest person win!
    Enter to Win A Pair of Reference Remastered In-Ears from Ultimate Ears
  2. moedawg140 Contributor
    Thanks so much to Ultimate Ears for providing the UERR giveaway!  The UERR is one truly special CIEM and is a great take on a reference sound.  Listening to it on flights not only helps out eradicate ear pressure pain, but it sounds very good for a triple driver!
    Congratulations in advance to the winner!
    beauxrichards and Trevor Antunez like this.
  3. ejong7
    Time to get my lucky boots on.
    Edit: Alright nope only for US and Canada. Boots untied.
  4. musiclvr
    Here we go! Hopefully this ride takes me to my first custom in ear monitor!!! Thank you Ultimate Ears for this generous opportunity. Good luck everyone!
    Trevor Antunez likes this.
  5. ambchang
    Tried to enter, but I am not allowed to put in a Postal Code (Canada) vs. a Zip Code.
  6. Criss969
    Same issue here. These IEMs rock btw! Thank you for the opportunity!
  7. U-3C
    Time and time again, I hate living in Quebec.
    I won't win, but still....why Quebec...why...
  8. Criss969
    Don't say things like that!
  9. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Entering now!  Fingers crossed!  Great give-a-way UE!  [​IMG]
  10. RPB65
    Excellent! Another US only deal. I ought to be used to it by now. 
    Ancipital likes this.
  11. cityle
    "excluding Quebec" The struggle is real :frowning2:
  12. U-3C


  13. Deftone
    Everyone in the UK and Europe...
    Mython, Trerit, darkdoorway and 2 others like this.
  14. ngoshawk
    Done! Thank you so much for the 10 opportunities to win! Your products get fantastic reviews, and I would LOVE to audition a pair.
  15. Rainmaker91
    So true... The worst is the ones that cover nearly the entire globe but only sees Europe as the EU... Don't worry youll be one of us outsiders soon enough [​IMG]
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