Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220
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I bought a set of Ultimate Ears MetroFi 220 IEMs about a week and a half or so ago and have been quite pleased with them. They were on sale at Best Buy for $60, normally $80, and seem to routinely go for $60 on the web. I haven't seen much here about them, so I thought I'd post something about these things.

At first I thought they were a little too bassy and not terribly comfortable. After about a week the bass seemed to get toned down slightly or I just got used to them. I used the Shure black soft silicone tips from my E2c and that solved the comfort issue and I think they look nicer than the stock clear silicone tips. There wasn't much of a difference in sound between the two tips. The cord is microphonic and a little stiff. The provided case looks like it would last 2 weeks before the hinge would break on it. I can't say I care for the color-coded left-right indicators on the earphones since they are near impossible to tell apart in low light. A traditional L/R marking would be far better.

Overall they have a nice, pleasant sound from my iPhone 3G S. A bit on the darker side, kind of like the Shure E2c, and with lots of oomph in the lower-end. Again, it may even be too bassy for some. It is rather fun with rock or electronic music though. Midrange is smooth and the high-end is reasonably detailed for cheap earphones but slightly rolled off. They are not the most isolating IEMs out there, but provide just enough to be usable on a noisy city bus yet still make it easy to hear announcements. Overall not a bad set of IEMs for the price.
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Thanks for posting
. I rather like the MetroFi 220, personally. Maybe not for MSRP but for the street price they are quite good phones. Very smooth and dynamic-sounding. A note on the case - I've abusing it daily for 3-4 months now (except for several weeks when I couldn't find it) and it's holding up very well. Larger IEMs don't fit in it too well but it's pretty much perfect for the majority of 'em.
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Thanks for the post on these headphones man...i just brought some and i really enjoy them.
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I got my 220s for $22 bucks a while back... they're $25 on logitech's site again now. For that price they're great. there is really no point in comparing them to factory headphones that come with any players because they are by and far superior in every aspect. However I found that  they sounded a bit tight and although the bass "thumps" well, I felt like long, reverberating, low tones seemed somewhat dry and underpowered. I listen to a lot of electronica/house/dance music so that part was especially bothersome for me since these genres are somewhat bass heavy and have a lot of extended bassy tones.  Overall i think its a fantastic headphone for $25 but i would be hard pressed to pay anywhere near retail for them knowing the $150 alternatives out there that although twice as expensive, are as incomparable to these as these are to factory ipod headphones.

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