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Sep 23, 2010
Post up what you have, pics, video's, music, tabs, learning resources etc.

These are mine.

I've had the Australian made Ukelyptus resonator for a couple of years, but they've since gone out of business. It's suuuuper loud and has great sustain, but it's too loud to play at night in an apartment without p!ssing off the neighbours.
The Risa Electric Soprano on the left just arrived this morning, and unplugged it's about 20% of the volume of my resonator, so I can practice at night. I have an iRig on the way as well, which will allow me to plug in headphones, or use effects via my andriod device and then listen through bluetooth speakers.

I've always sucked at all musical instruments, which is extremely frustrating given my love of music, and after a short stint trying to teach myself guitar, I switched to the ukulele as it suits my character a bit better and I find it more enjoyable and unique to play compared to the guitar.

I'm very much a beginner though. At the moment I'm trying to learn some basic 12-bar blues, some basic ragtime blues, and this (not me obvs):

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Never would have thought to have seen this subject here.
My old Koa wood Kamaka, I owned from the mid 60's on. Its a basic model. Used to be pretty decent with it. 
There's a crack on the back--took it in to inquire about a repair. One year waiting period, but now they use a cool tint clear finish, and use enough gloss coats to achieve the currently desirable smooth plastic-like coating look. 
The warm (red) finish in this vintage has of course a warm glow, and you see a very, very, very *slight* texture of the tight wood grain on its semi-gloss surface. Its very subtle. 
A cool (blue) finish shows more pop to the dark and light streaks in wood, that is fashionable now. This one shows the natural warm glow. I rejected the repair. 


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