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UK - Shure E2C Replacements

  1. alastor2004
    Firstly, great website here and hope you guys can lend me a hand.
    The wire insulation on my 2 year old Shure E2Cs has finally started cracking and coming away over the ears so I'm looking for some decent replacement IEMs. I am happy with the sound quality of the E2Cs but would prefer a touch more bass; I really like the clarity of the mids and highs so that would be desirable. I wore the black silicone tips and found them very comfortable so they'd be my first choice, over ear wires would also be preferable but sound quality and isolation overrule these completely.
    I'm by no means hugely experienced in these matters though, hopefully that's a reasonable description of what I'm looking for?
    I'm in the UK though so my choice isn't a large as most of you will be used to! I have an Amazon gift voucher so I'll be buying from there, the prices listed are what I'd pay on top of the voucher. Here's what I've managed to find and I'd be happy to pay:
    1. SoundMAGIC PL30 - £15 (Free if back in stock)
    2. Klipsch S4 - £20
    3. Etymotic MC5 - £34
    4. SoundMAGIC PL50 - £40 (£30 if back in stock)
    5. Head-Direct RE0 - £40
    6. Shure SE115 - £40
    7. Sennheiser IE 6 - £40 (~$62 to give you guys an idea of the other prices)
    So, which would you go for? How good are the IE 6s? Their design seems most similar to the E2Cs so I'm drawn to them but they're obviously towards the top of my budget. How do they stack up against the S4s and SoundMAGICs? I'd be unamplified for now so I'm not sure how good the RE0s are in comparison to everything else...
    Hopefully that's where you can help. Thanks in advance!

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