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Apr 4, 2006
Can be purchased at curry's for 15 pounds


Nothing special here, normal looking dj-type with a low-profile dark-gray colour . When worn they look quite good, no things sticking out etc.

Comfort and Isolation:
Your ears get a little hot but all in all the logik hd-080 are comfortable with just the right amount of pressure to keep a seal and grip. Isolation is as good as or better as my jvc fx66 air cushions. If the person next to you is talking you can just make out what they are saying, with music it starts to get pretty hard.


Ok , they have the typical cheap closed headphone muffle, with recessed highs . But once you get over that the music sounds pretty good , no miracles but the bass is fairly balanced ( not overbloated like some other closed headphones ) the mids are dark but still listenable. there's some soundstage ( john coltrane ) . Highs are smooth= rounded off.


Anyone looking for a cheap closed alternative to those agitating IEM's may possibly be happy with the logik hd-080s . Sound is just good enough, Comfort and isolation are excellent in my opinion.

Note: I tested them with a sony s515 (same as s616 a816 etc. ) which is in itself pretty mellow .... In addition they are not fully burned-in yet.

Any questions are welcome,


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