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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. smial1966
    Tellurium Q Iridium Listen Headphone Amplifier.
    David Brook the proprieter of http://www.mains-cables-r-us.co.uk/ sent me an intriguing email announcing the release of a new product from Tellurium Q, but with no other details about this mysterious item. Being an inquisitive sort I asked for more information and David has kindly provided the details below.
    Tellurium Q Iridium Listen Headphone Amplifier. World's first demonstration at the UK Head-Fi meeting.
    £1236.00 Class A headphone amp with built in pre-amp.
    1. Two 1/4” headphone Jack outputs. With either output able to drive loading from 8Ω to 64Ω simultaneously.
    2. Thyristor memory controlled inputs.
    3. Hum rejection technology.

    4. Quad regulated power supplies.
    5. Headphone output driven by single ended class A power amplifier stages, please note that this is somewhat better than just an A class stage.
    6. Three RCA phono stereo inputs and one MP3 input via 3.5mm socket.

    7. Input loading impedance 47 KΩ for all inputs (so will take pretty much any input).

    8. Automatically selected Inputs controlled with a fifth isolated regulated power supply to further reduce the interference and noise floor.
      Photo's to follow tomorrow.

  2. complin
    Their power amplifier and preamp+phono have both had glowing reviews in the press 
  3. Nuwidol
    Spoke to David about this earlier. Definitely sounds like an interesting product. I have some of the Tellurium Q speaker cables & I'm very happy with them. If this is half as well received as their cables we'll be in for a treat.
  4. Mattyhew
    OT: Anyone else get as frustrated as me trying to get hold of FLAC files? Or you all still using your CDs... Whatever they are :D
  5. JoetheArachnid
    I tend to magically turn my CDs into FLAC files using a computer. If you're looking to (legally) get hold of FLAC files you'll have trouble outside of offbeat services like Bandcamp that offer a variety of formats or audiophile-specific services like HDTracks. For me, buying the CD and ripping it myself is usually easier and cheaper, even if I do never use the CD again.
  6. eskimo
    I use DBpoweramp to rip from CD to flac. Free for a month or like 30usd to buy. Ain't really much choice out there when it comes to flac. But even so quality mp3 may suffice.
  7. vkvedam
    Exciting, waiting for Saturday now....
  8. smial1966
    It's even more exciting now that Graham Slee http://www.gspaudio.co.uk/ has decided that he doesn't want the Novo or Voyager headphone amps returned after being demoed on Saturday, so both of these fine products will be entered into the charity raffle as prizes.
  9. vkvedam
    Being a raffle winner from the last meet I would say I am really looking forward to this and buying some nice raffle tickets.
  10. Somnambulist
    Rats. The person I'm going with has had to drop out so I don't have a means of getting up there. I could get the train but I'd preferred to have booked a LOT earlier in advance as to save some £££. Is anyone from SE London going that I could haggle a lift from? I can also use my zones 1-6 travelcard to get to anywhere in London I could blag a lift from as well. Help!
  11. Mattyhew
    Shirts have arrived in all their glory, here is a Large expertly modled by me :D
  12. smial1966
  13. smial1966
    Don't look so pensive, smile man smile!
  14. Mattyhew
    Haha, thats my look, i call it Red Velvet :p
    Ive yet to work out how to smile in pictures without looking slightly braindamaged.
  15. The Mains Man
    Do sponsors get a FREE tee shirt then, make it large!
    The TQ headphone amp is warmed up and ready for listening to on Saturday, I have to say it is stupendous even with a lowly set of HD600's. I even had to drive to a customers house this afternoon to get the loan set of HifiMan HE400's back off him
    so I could listen with something decent. Tomorrow the HE6 arrives so I am looking forward to that, the amp takes a 3.5mm input and has 2 outputs on the front which will be great for me as 2 people can listen at once with different cans, and as I will have
    2 amps at the show twice as much fun! 
    So hoping to bring:-
    Furutechs new Esprit DAC
    Furutech GT40
    Audiolab M-DAC Linear PSU (just launched and receiving excellent reviews already)
    Squeezebox Touch + Linear PSU (hifi chocie 5 star awarded product)
    Canor Headphone Amplifier
    Canor Tube CD Player
    and some special offers on mains goodies!
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