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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. FragmentedGod
    That's amazing.  I am definitely happy to do this, and can then compare it to my (much cheaper heh) valve amp as well.  I think, given your comparison between this and the BHSE, it would be worthwhile giving people the ability to audition this against the BHSE and perhaps the Stax (if that's all that is going to be connected to the BHSE).  Is something like that possible?
  2. complin
    The BHSE is primarily designed for electrostatic headphones only so would would be like comparing apples with oranges
    However; it would be possible to run dynamic headphones from the BHSE if you modify the plug to exclude the bias supply
  3. Mattyhew
    Id be more than happy to test and review, using my vast experience *cough*
    Cant wait, this meet sounds awesome :)
  4. eskimo
    Andy, did i miss the t-shirts?
    I had a read back, but am confused to whether the final design was done and purchased in bulk.
  5. smial1966
    eskimo & guys, (MEET T-SHIRT UPDATE)
    Bad news on the T-shirt front, as my original printer/supplier has gone into receivership and won't be fulfilling back orders. Luckily I hadn't handed over any cash yet, but this does mean that the meet T-shirt is in jeopardy of not being produced. 
    I've received quotations from other suppliers and quite frankly they're ridiculously expensive - www.spreadshirt.co.uk - quoted £25 per garment! Unless I can find a printer/supplier that charges less than £10 per T-shirt there will be no meet souvenir garment.  [​IMG]
  6. julianbell92
    Andy, these people are local to me and I know they're pretty good. You might be able to negotiate a deal for the meet for under £10 a T-shirt if you give them a call. 
  7. smial1966

    Thanks for the info. I'll give this company a call on Monday and see whether a bulk order deal can be done.



  8. TheAttorney
    I don't know if this is allowed, or even if it's a good idea, but I'll ask anyway....
    I have a box of about 50 near mint audiophile re-issue LPs to sell. (Classic Records, Chesky, etc). Mostly classical, but some jazz, singer/songwriter.
    I could do this online, but its often better if the buyer can inspect the LPs live.
    This may add an extra point of interest to the meet, or it may confuse things.
  9. smial1966

    I think that this an excellent idea and welcome having an 'Audio Mart' aspect to the meet. So a big thumbs up from me.



  10. jr41
    I'm interested in these, especially the jazz and singer/songwriter ones!
  11. joeyjojo
    I have an AMB gamma2 DAC arriving next week - I'd be happy to bring it along if there will be a digital source to feed it (laptop?).
  12. Swimsonny
    I will of course review the behemoth amp.
  13. ThomasLi
    Hello, I would love to attend the meet! I have quite a modest set up, but could bring my gear along if anyone is interested in hearing it.

    Audio gd 3.1 dac
    Firestone Little Country 3 amp - Phillips 6922 tubes
    Senn hd600 headphones

    I broke my onkyo iPod dock so I wouldn't have any way of playing any music without a laptop or cd transport though.

    Really interested in hearing some orthos that I've read so much about.

  14. TheAttorney
    Good. I'm a novice at this selling this kind of thing, so what I'm doing is putting the album info into a spreadsheet, checking the web for  typical prices, and then setting a lower price than that.
    I sold my main vinyl collection a few years back in one job lot (the dealer saw me coming), but I couldn't bear to lose this last set quite so easily...but its got to go at some point.
    Excuse me while I indulge in a nostalgia moment and grieve for my old SME20a. What an exquisite piece of British engineering that was - a fitting "last turntable" Enter pic borrowed from the web:
    Ok, so it looks a bit like an oil rig… but what an oil rig!
    And my "last cartridge", the Koetsu Urushi. Enter another borrowed pic:
  15. smial1966
    There'll be a few laptops and a couple of CDP at the meet so you shouldn't have any difficulties finding a digital source. Do remember though that folks will need the digital sources to feed their own gear, so you probably won't have exclusive use of it for the whole meet.
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