UE900 Bass Weight and Quantity
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Apr 15, 2003
I'm still trying to get a handle on this.  For you UE900 users out there please advise your input.  You may not have the IEM's mentioned for comparisons but among everyone, we should get a good representation.  Feel free to add other IEM's to clarify your rating.  This may seem silly but I know there are a lot of members here that have stayed away from UE900 because of fears it is too bass lite. 
SO....on a scale of 1-10, at least for IEM's I have heard that would be relevant to this discussion, here is how I would rank some IEM's I have owned. 
Where does UE900 fit in here in terms of qty and bass weight only?
RE272:  3
ER4P:  3
W4:     6
GR10:   6
W2:       6
JH5:  7.5
UM3X:  7.5
UM2: 7.5
SE535: 7
W3:  10
IE8:   10
From what I read, sounds like the UE900 would be about a 5?
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I'd say between the SE535 and W3
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Originally Posted by Spyro /img/forum/go_quote.gif
W3:  10
IE8:   10

Never tried the W3, but damn, I didn't know a BA configuration could be that bassy xD
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Before the mini-bore has filled, I would say between the SE535 and Westone 3. After the mini-bore has filled, I would put it at a 3.5 or 4, slightly more than the ER-4P.
(I have the Westone 3, the UE900 and have extensive auditioning of the ER-4)
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What is the purpose of the bore?

We are unsure if it was intentional or not for it become filled (EG whether or not it was part of the design to have it filled with time), but the bore seems to act like a resonance chamber for the bass (and part of the lower mids).  When open, the bore will resonate the bass tones louder (quite a bit louder as well), when closed, it will constrict the bass.  It still has a small emphasis on the upper lows, so that gives it a strong body regardless.  
With the port open, I remember it being just below the Westone W4s.  With it closed, the bass body was actually less than the HF5s, but had better linearity and sub-bass response to still make it as, or slightly more, weighted than the HF5s.  

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