UE6000's defect? Enough cause not to buy?
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Sep 22, 2012
I posted a couple months ago about buying a pair of headphones under 200 dollars with the following criteria:
"Reasonably good looking
Preferably without need of an amp (will be transported often)
Reasonable warranty and company reputation
Compliments these genres of music:
Electronic (Pegboard Nerds, Tristam, Some Zomboy, Rogue, Flux Pavillion, Nero)
Rock/Pop (Alex Goot, The fray, Chris Clouse, Stroke 9, Walk off the Earth, Imagine Dragons, Mat Kearney)
Soul (Alex Clare, Adele)
Acapella (FourFront, Pentatonix)
Also, A detachable cord is ideal, because I tend to be ruff with headphones (one reason I'm considering headphones other than m50's)
Not to bulky
Easy to buy (Amazon, no ebay)"
Even after all the good reccomendations, I started swaying towards the UE6000's. There isn't much documentation about them, at least not compared to the m50s or Shure SRH840's. Yet in one video review, someone mentioned a product defect where the right ear was slightly louder than the left. A couple weeks later I found myself at best buy, and decided to try them out (which btw was a bad idea, Best Buy's headphone section is a total tornado of cords and kids who decided to blast the volume of all the headphones at the same time). But upon trying them, immidiately noticed the same issue. It was impossible to ignore.
Is this a case of 2 seperate coincidences, or is this a real problem? If there is a good chance of me receiving a pair like the one at Best Buy, than I most certainly wont be purchasing them.
Also, what is your general opinion of there sound? I haven't heard many headphones in the price range, except for the Bose and Harmon Kardom headphones set up right next to the UE6000s at Best Buy. Is 200 dollars justified for their sound, leaving out the design and features of the headphone? I do care about the looks of the headphones, but sound definately comes first.
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