UE Super.Fi 5 PRO Vs. Sony MDR-EX90
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Mod it how?


I don't have SF5 but I have Shure SE530 and MDR-EX90.

After using Shure, I am actually pretty impress with EX90 sound quality. I listen to a lot of paino / violin and I think EX90 sounds better than SE530.

I think if Sony had good isolation like the Shure, it would be a really great headphone.
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I've already made the remove-the-wax-filter mod a long time ago, it really improved sound quality. I like my EX90s a lot, but i want something better, as always. Do you really think the Sf5Pros won't sound great compared to the EX90s after the mod I made? (the isolation mod was kinda hard to do, so i skipped that one) Which headphone on the $200 budget you guys recommend for my upgrade?
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I tried the superfi's and actually preferred the EX-90's, the superfi's weren't comfortable to be. Now I'm using a pair of SuperFreQ's. At that price range the FreQ's walk the floor over the other two, though I still do use my EX-90's from time to time.
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I love my denons, for what its worth. They dont have huge amounts of bass, but enough for me when I lsiten to rap and hip hop. They also isolate like a canalphone, so not as good as the sf5s, but still pretty good. I use them on the bus and train and such, and don't have to turn them up THAT much. it would be nice to have them isolate a bit better, but I'm quite happy with them/

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