UE Super.fi 5 Pro comfort issue
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Jan 15, 2007
I've had the UE Super.fi 5 Pro for a little less than a month now and while I like their sound signature pretty much, I find them to be very uncomfortable. When I first tried them, I didn't like the fit, but I thought that my ears would ajust to them after a couple of days. I even tried the flip-side mod which made them more tolerable, but it's still not a pleasant experience to wear them for more than an hour. The only eartips that work for me are the bi-flanges by the way.

On the other hand, I've used ER-20 earplugs for a while now when going to concerts and I love how they fit into my ears. I can push them all the way in and I even forget I wear them after a while. I guess this is the kind of fit that I need for my ears.

That brings two questions:

1) Do the ER-4P have a similar fit to the ER-20?
2) How do the other IEMs in that price range (E4c, UM2...) compare to the SF5P in terms of comfort ?

Thanks !
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Mar 1, 2007

2) How do the other IEMs in that price range (E4c, UM2...) compare to the SF5P in terms of comfort ?

I haven't got SF5's, but I got SF3's for a while. What I noticed is that UE's aren't very comfy, mailnly because of memory cable. Comfort depends also on shape and size of your ear.
E3c (they look like E4c's and they've got similar size) are realy comfy to me, but you have to push them really deep in to not stick out
They go into the ear much more deeply than SF3's. I just forget I wear them.
UM2 are more comfy than SF3's either.
Comparing to SF3's both E3c's and UM2's provide better isolation.
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Feb 7, 2007
I went from SF.5's (I too liked their sound a lot) to the UM2's - I did this becuase of comfort. I could never get the SF5's to consistantly seal and stay in my ear. The FS (flip side mod, using the right one in the left ear, etc) helped but not enough. IMHO, if one can get a comfy fit with the SF.5 it is the best deal in the IEM world at under $200.
UM2's have a simliar sound IMHO, lost of impact and bass like the SF.5. It is more clear and has more mid and highs at times. I find the UM2 less forgiving and less consistant than the SF5, but better on better tracks. THe SF5 sounded the same (good) on essentially all tracks. The UM starts to show some poor recordings or encodings.

In the end the UM2 is worth the 100+ more based on comfort. They just pop in and out. They fit so flush they almost look like customes. They isolate better as well. The cord is the best one made for an IEM - so light and so flexible it is amazing.

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