UE owner who are having trouble with sibilance, please take a look
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Jan 15, 2008
I was having unbearable sibilance on some tracks with my triple.fi 10 which was killing me. So I did a search on head-fi and found this thread

cx300 sibilance

Yes, its a cx300 sibilance problem, but I was so desperate that I decided to give it a try. (don't worry, you won't have to dismember your precious UE XD)

1) Take the tips off the iem

2) Now, you can see the nozzle separated into 2 parts

3) Take a little cotton wool, and stuff it into each of the hole. (IMPORTANT: the cotton wool must NOT fit snugly into the hole, as details will be lost)

4) Use the earwax loop or something small to push it down a little. (About halfway down the nozzle)

5) Enjoy your new found sibilance free UE

Note: If you find some details missing, just lessen the amount of cotton wool. (You can use the wax loop to scoop out the cotton)

I was actually going to use olives to cure the sibilance and live with less treble, but it seems that isn't necessary anymore

Hoped I helped out, unless I'm the only one hearing sibilance with UE lol.
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Wow... I don't think I would recommend this.

Couldn't you damage the IEMs this way?
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Are you sure you don't have a defective pair? There was 0 sibilance with my Triple Fi's right out of the box. Either that or some weird mismatch with your source.

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