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Aug 3, 2010
So I was looking at getting a custom from UE, but I don't know if I should.
triplefi 10 is my choice right now, i'm just waiting until amazon puts the price down to $290 again.
any big sound difference between the triplefi 10 and any of their customs besides fit? do customs go into the ear well and isolate sound?
how amazing is the sound compared to the triple fi 10? i was specifically looking at the custom 4 http://ultimateears.com/en-us/products/4-pro and quite possibly the custom 5 http://ultimateears.com/en-us/products/5-pro#description ....i want something for a reasonable price. i wish i could audition these, but unfortunately i can't, so i need everybody who owns customs to really hit the nail on the head with their thoughts and opinions about them compared to the triplefi10 since it's my main choice.
thanks in advance, you guys are the best!
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I have triple fi 10s that i had reshelled into customs by fisher hearing. So i can't anwser all of your questions, but i can tell you that the seal with customs is out of this world. They are also much much more comfortable. I would go with customs if i were you. While Ultimate Ears seem to be kind of the standard that people gravitate towards. There are a lot of other companies that make customs with fantastic reviews. You should look at 
JH Audio. http://www.jhaudio.com/promusic/  people here really seem to like the JH5 and JH7
Unique melody has some 3 ways priced in your range as well. heres a review http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/510802/review-unique-melody-aero-custom-triple-driver-iem
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All my ue's were purchased before Logitech bought them. U started with the ue-5c which were an amazing upgrade to any universal that was out at that time, shure e5 and westone um2 were the top dogs. I purchased the e5c and a pair of westone es2 and decided that the e5c's sounded better to my ears. I then stepped up to the ue-11 and it was a huge difference fr ue-5. I got better highs and much more of the other freqs. The comfort level alone is worth the upgrade to customs.
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Besides ultimate comfort, is it really worth it speaking sound wise? More people tend to lean towards customs because of comfort and perhaps looks. I don't mind, I do prefer comfort, but what I do mind is if they sound alike the TripleFi 10, or any other top iem for that matter then I can just deal with less comfort.
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I have never heard the TripleFi but I have the shure E500, SM3 and have owned the Westone3 and none of these compare to my UE11 especially with the Elite TWAG cable just my 2cents.
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For people who know, is there a big difference between the:
UE 4
UE 5
UE 11
Must be 11 because they're very expensive.
Will it be worth it to get the UE 4 or 5?
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I own a pair of UE-10's. They are indeed the most comfortable IEM's I own. However, I think a JH-13 is a better value for the money in terms of customs. IMHO, a dba-02 sounds better than my UE-10's.
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I have a pair of UE-18s. These are my first customs and I have been using them daily for the past 6 months from commuting to jogging to reading. I love listening to music and these have replaced the universals I used to use. I had a set of Shure E500/SE530 IEs I used for a long time. When I bought my UE-18s, for their slow build and delay, they sent me a pair of TP10s for free (I guess to keep me from canceling). Comparatively the two are worlds apart. The UE-18 sounds a lot more detailed--both the highs and the lows are very detailed and clear. The custom fit means the seal is comfortable. I can wear these for hours on end; I have been flying quite a bit lately and these have come in very handy in blocking out engine noise.
Recently they have been harder to clean and wax buildup was moving into the ear piece, so I send them in for cleaning (should be getting them back tomorrow). I have been using the TP10s and I miss my customs; music does not sound the same without them. I expect to keep using these until they break. Hopefully they last a couple years; these are one heck of a pair and are worth every cent.
Finally for my portable pleasure, I use a Headroom Portable Micro and an iPod if I'm carrying a bag.
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If your customs are hurting your ears you do not have  a good fit. They are custom to fit perfectly in your ear and in no way should there be any pressure on the inside of your ears.you are getting a bad sound because of a bad fit. And the ue-10 were made as refrence monitors. As close to flat signature as they could get at the time.

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