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  1. Mr. Tadashi
    I bought from udeupa a RSA Tomahawk. The communication was excellent and he was very through when it came to everything in the transaction. I highly recommend doing business with him and I would not hesitate at all to do so again.
  2. Skylab Contributor
    Richard bought my Koss MV-1's. Very smooth transaction, and a very pleasant guy to deal with!
  3. tubaman
    I bought a RSA Predator from him. The transaction went smoothly. Delivery was timely and communication was always prompt, I was constantly updated. I highly recommend him. The amp was packed with exceptional care as well.
  4. DocHamm Contributor
    I purchased an Audio Technica AT-HA20 amplifier from Richard. Communication was great, packing and shipping terrific. Delivery timely. Frankly, every part of the transaction was exceptional and no question I would do business with him again. [​IMG]
  5. stevenkelby Contributor
    Richard bought 3 cables from me, 2 RCA - minis and a female mini - mini, using cryo silver and Jena wires. Richard was a pleasure to deal with, asked lots of intelligent questions and was always very fast to reply. Communication was friendly and he paid instantly when he said he would once we had agreed a deal.

    When he received the goods he took the trouble of taking pics and left me a super feedback.

    I highly recommend Richard to anyone thinking of doing business with him and I hope to deal again in future.

    Thanks Richard!
  6. stevenkelby Contributor
    Richard generously sent me an MP3 player from the US to here in Australia. It got here quick and was very well packed. Richard is a real man of his word and I wouldn't hesitate to trust him with anything.

    As always, his communication is very fast and concise, a top shelf buyer/seller all the way.

    Thanks again Richard!
  7. ecclesand Contributor
    Sold a Beyer DT990 to Richard. He was very pleasant to deal with, payment was fast, and communication was great. I would not hesitate to deal with him in the future. Thanks again, Richard!
  8. freakmax
    Bought the ALO cable from udeupa.
    Great communication, fast shipping.
    Highly reccommended.
  9. itsborken Contributor
    I bought a Quables 3.5-3.5mm interconnect from Richard. It came in its box, was well packed and shipped promptly. His communications were excellent and I couldn't expect more from a seller. Thanks Richard.
  10. stevenkelby Contributor
    Richard is a champion man and one of my favorite headfiers. He has proven very trustworthy and reliable. As ever, communication was fast and friendly and he is extremely helpful.

    A real credit to the community, I would not hesitate him to do business with anyone at all.

    Thanks again Richard!
  11. shellylh Contributor
    Richard bought my Sennheiser HD580 + Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable. He was a pleasure to deal with: communication was great and he paid quickly. Great head-fier! [​IMG]
  12. lamewing
    I was in the process of purchasing udeupa's Cowon X5L when BOTH of my cars windshields developed cracks. So things didn't work out, but udeupa was cool to work with.

  13. Ginko
    I bought a Kenwood MG-E504 from Richard. It arrived exactly like it was shown in his pictures. The player was kept in top notch condition - the protective plastic on the display wasn't ever removed (exactly like I would have it!).

    I will most definitely buy stuff from this bloke. I'm a happy head-fier [​IMG].
  14. Obstinate
    I purchased an iAudio X5L from him. He's extremely easy to communicate with, he is true to his word, and ships quickly. Fantastic user! Currently waiting for the X5L, but he has sent me pictures and it is in pristine condition [​IMG]. Thanks!
  15. Obstinate
    Okay, received it. It's in fantastic condition! Geez, if I didn't know better I would've thought it was new! Worth every penny! I'm definitely keeping this one. I'll be converting it to larger capacity, as I do with my others. Except I won't let this one out of my sight any time soon! Thanks [​IMG]

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