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Udac 3 with sennheiser 6xx?

  1. dwang040
    I currently got a udac 3 since I needed something other than on board audio for my laptop and desktop.After saving up a bit and asking for suggestions, I'm thinking about getting the sennheiser 6xx.

    Will the uDac 3 be able to power these through my desktop and phone? If not, should I just go with the schiit fulla 2?

    I mean, think a udac 3 will even well on ebay? It is really new, not even a month old...
  2. Dulalala
    Well the uDAC 3 outputs 80mW per channel at 16 ohms, even if we assume perfect scaling, it could possibly be enough if you listen at a low volume but it isn't ideal and doesn't leave much headroom to spare. However, there isn't a need to just completely dump the uDAC, I would recommend you just get something like a Magni 3 to use as an amp and keep the uDAC as a DAC.
  3. dwang040
    Hmm, that is a good point.

    I guess I jumped to the fulla 2 since people were saying how much better it sounded. I'll take a look at the magni 3.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
  4. dwang040
    Quick question, is it even possible to use the udac as a dac only? Maybe I read it wrong but I do believe rca connection is preamp, dac, and amp output where as the coaxial is preamp. It doesn't appear as if I can use it as a dac only.
  5. Dulalala
    You can just set the volume to max and use it as a pre-amp into the Magni 3.
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Coaxial output is for D2D output, ie, digital to digital. It just converts USB audio to SPDIF coaxial.

    RCA output is preamp, ie variable level output, that goes through the UDAC's preamp stage. So not a line stage output that you would normally get from a DAC.

    Double check the manual though as it might be able to be set to output an analogue signal out of the RCA sockets that doesn't get routed through the preamp. Or its preamp might not boost but just attenuate, so if the max output is 2v, it can at least be easy enough to use. I wouldn't bet on it being as clean as a simple DAC so an alternative would be to get an AudioGD NFB-11 later on. I wouldn't sell the UDAC3 though - it's a handy thing to have around. You could use it as a D2D converter in case there are software issues with the NFB-11, which can happen later also as it can be due to OS updates (and NuForce is more likely to update their drivers sooner than AudioGD), or at least have some kind of back up in case you need a second system somewhere else later.
  7. dwang040
    Got it. Thank you for the help.

    I'll take another look at the AudioGD. Oddly enough I did take a look at it today while looking at some dacs and amp combos/ stacks. I do like the uDac, small and portable (especially great for taking around over vacation when I come back home).

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