UCA (Berkley?) and other universities
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A very fine point, although I don't particularly know which schools have more recognition abroad.  It is however something that should be considered, if any from your list of choices are well known/looked upon in the UK.

UCLA and UCB are rather well known abroad, especially compared to the other mentionned ones. Though in an academic setting somet of them will be considered just as good. But for the job market I'd go with UCLA or UCB.
For fun, I'd go HKU

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One of the ones on the list is the University of California, and Berkley is listed. I know this is an outstanding college with an exceptional reputation, but this cannot be guaranteed. Other UCA campuses are listed, however is the standard of education homogenous, or is Berkley a stand out?
There are other colleges in the US listed such as Arizona State, but I understand these are very much second rate universities. If anyone could comment on any of these universities that would be greatly appreciated, but I am mainly interested in UCA.
  1. Arizona State University
  2. University of California
  3. University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
  4. University of Maryland, College Park
  5. University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  6. University of Missouri at Columbia
  7. University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  8. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Everyone gets so hung up on prestige.  Look, your degree will read "University of Manchester" so who cares about the prestige of a school where you study abroad?  Go for the one that will offer you the best experience.  
-UC-Berkeley (ie, "Cal) is a great school.  One of the most beautiful campuses I've seen, and a very unique college town area.  San Francisco is extremely accessible from Berkeley, and SF is full of great restaurants, good clubs, and solid music/theatre scenes.
-Arizona State Univ. is a party school.  If you want to party, it's a good choice.  If you go there for the academics or culture, you'll miss out.
-Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is a HUGE state school.  Not much to do in Urbana, except the college town stuff.  Good athletics, good academics, lots of diversity of programs at the school.  Very solid programs in engineering and "hard" sciences. Urbana is in the middle of the Midwest, and no major city is accessible unless you have a car.
-Univ of Maryland-College Park.  Another big state school (not as big as UIUC).  Good athletics, decent academics.  I'm not familiar with particular programs here.  If you want access to the East Cost (Washington DC, Baltimore, etc), this can be a good option.
-Univ. of Mass at Amherst - Another big state school.  I haven't been to UMass, but several friends went there.  New England has a different feel than the other schools on your list.  Good school.
-Univ. of Missouri at Columbia - Another big state school.  Good programs in journalism, advertising.  Good athletics.  In the Midwest, different geography and different people than other schools on the list.  You'll have to drive at least an hour to reach a major city.
-Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville - Another big state school.  I have no personal experience with this one.
-Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Another big state school.  Beautiful campus, good athletics.  Very pleasant area to live, great college town for hanging out with college friends.
The cost varies significantly across those schools.  UC-Berkeley will probably be the most expensive, in terms of living costs, but if I were studying abroad, it would be one of my top choices.  UNC-Chapel Hill is another good choice, IMO.

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