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Tyll Hertsens on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday - Apple's purchase of Beats

  1. Steve Eddy
    Was listening to NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday this morning while waiting for Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! and caught a segment by Sam Sanders about Apple's purchase of Beats and was surprised to hear commentary by our own Tyll Hertsens.


    Congrats, Tyll!

  2. Mshenay Contributor
    YAY and also INFRUASTRCTURE, I think a lot of us here at head fi caught on to that as the reason why Apple got beats, but it was Tyll who first even mentioned that concept :3 and grats on him at getting onto NPR
    I also didn't know that apple already had patents for "hearbles" 
  3. Silent Xaxal
    Should be interesting. Though I wonder if it'll be another patent that ends up being folded into their smartphones (The sad fate of the iCamera).
  4. 1c3d0g
    Hopefully they won't patent "a device with 2 little speakers on each side that can be put on a person's head", 'cause that's what they usually do to every industry they step their filthy toes into.

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