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If you read that there are 1000 troops sent into combat, how many soldiers are in a troop? If you rent 1000 square feet of warehouse space at $5.00 per square foot, are you paying $5,000 per month or $ 5,000 per year? Thank you for your answers....Rick
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1 soldier = 1 troop. for the other question, i have no cluwe
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The rental figure can be either per month or per year depending on what area you are in. In California rent is usually stated per month, in some other areas its stated per year. $5/month psf is pretty steep for warehouse space. For example you can get prime Beverly Hills office space for that price.
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Originally Posted by srozzman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
1 soldier = 1 troop. for the other question, i have no clue

Troops usually refers to individual soldiers. But in the US Army, a troop is a unit of 3-6 cavalry platoons. Each platoon has a nominal strength of 30-40 soldiers.

In this case, though, troops obviously refers to individual soldiers, since 1000 troops (unit) is a whole lot of soldiers (100k-200k) and would be better described in by other, larger organizational units.
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1. No idea. But to me a troop are a number higher than 1.
2. Per month.
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A) Susan Jacoby makes a case in The Age of American Unreason "troops" historically never meant a single individual until its use gained traction recently to depersonalized deaths (usually in combat). Try it - "Twelve soldiers died yesterday" versus "Twelve troops died yesterday." It has a relationship to how some people use the word "folks" also.

B) At least anywhere I've lived it's monthly, though there are weekly and even daily retails. There may be annual charges in other places.

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