Two pin connector pin polarity help
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Oct 18, 2004
Can anyone tell me which one of these pictures has the cable connected properly? I only hear things obviously out of phase if I have the direction the dots face on the L and R earphones different. If I have the dot facing the same way on both L and R it sounds ok. However, shouldn't there theoretically be a "correct" way for the dot to face?

IMG_5268.jpg IMG_5267.jpg
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Audio Cable Extension **** Upgrate 6 Cores Copper HiFi Headphones Cable 3.5mm Balanced IEM Cable with 0.78mm 2 Pins Connection for ES4 ZS6 ZS5 ZST ZSR ZS10 ZS3 TFZ ES3 TRNV10(Copp-2Pin3.5)

That’s the cable. Apparently the dot indicates the positive polarity pin but the Ikko doesn’t indicate which hole is positive vs. negative.
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I have a new cable on which there is indicated L and R on the 2 sides.

But being a 2 pin 0.78 mm cable it can be mounted in one way or upside down (it is not preformed as an hook on the upper part that goes over the ear).

Is there a mandatory way to connect? If yes there could be any problem if I connect them in the wrong way?

Connections are quite hard to be inserted and I would like to minimize the number of insertions I perform in order to avoid any risk of damage.


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