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Twisted Cables ( aka: qusp )

  1. GreatDane Contributor
    I'm honored to start this feedback thread for Jeremy who might be better known here as qusp.
    I recently had Jeremy build two custom cables for me, a mini2mini and a LOD for my iPod Nano.
    Jeremy asked me questions about my intended use and wanted to see some pics with measurements so he could get the lengths precise. Both cables fit perfectly and look great.
    Thank you Jeremy for taking the time to get it right. I really appreciate your patience with me.lol
    Considering the quality of Jeremy's work and the "one-of-a-kind" nature of his work, I feel that his price was very fair. Before he shipped my cables he sent me pics to get my approval. I received them unharmed in 6 business days from Australia to the US East Coast.
    From the Head-Fi feedback archive:
    Jeremy's email:
  2. cooperpwc
    I ordered a bespoke TWcu/SCSCag IC from Jeremy. The customer service was fantastic. We went back and forth on endless emails finalising the design and dimesnions. The result is beautiful in form and function. The pic is here.
    Jeremy is a great guy and a pleasure to communicate with. The true mark of my satisfaction is that I am already ordering another cable from him. Highly recommended!
  3. ExpatinJapan
    I ordered and received a piccolino USB LOD from QUSP.
    By getting this cable I was hoping to make my Fostex hp_p1 sing.
    He gave great communication before my order helping me to decide which cable would suit my needs and budget, I decided to go all out for the most expensive usb lod that he made.
    He delivered it on time and its a well crafted piece of DIY.
    Qusp makes your cable etc to order, so do give him time to consult with you, make it, craft it and send it.
    I am happy with my purchase.
    Thank you QUSP.
  4. qusp Contributor
    thanks for the feedback Damon!, i'm glad you like the cable. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Its such a pity they dont seem to let us give feedback on sales with the 'new' forum software. Anything that isnt listed on the forum, or an actual sale made on the for sale forum falls outside the feedback system.
    theres a whole fairly long feedback thread for me in the archives too, this thing is so dinky!! haha
    its a pity because i'd love to give you some good feedback, as the transaction was totally painless on a work level and particularly pleasant on a personal level. thats how it was anyway; i'd be happy to learn otherwise and give you some feedback
    thanks again!
  5. cn11
    I know this thread is a little bit on the old side, but I am wondering if anyone has heard from qusp (Jeremy) lately... 
    I paid him for an IEM cable, and an interconnect (over $230 in total), over four months ago and I am getting no replies to my email enquiries since I sent paypal funds. He was very responsive to emails when I was asking questions and trying to figure out what to buy from him, then once I send funds it just stopped. I find this odd because I've purchased a cable from him before and he never displayed this type of behavior. I do sincerely hope everything is ok, and nothing has happened to him (also why I am asking if anyone has heard from him). Hopefully if things are fine, I will wind up getting the cables I paid for because I feel the window of professionalism has long past and I am admittedly getting rather perturbed. 
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  6. cooperpwc
    Jeremy has always been very professional so this is disturbing. I hope that he is okay (and I feel your buyer pain too).
  7. cn11
    Yeah I hope everything is ok too, first and foremost, as I figured this is strange to all who have dealt with him.

    Second to that, I'd really like to receive the cables I ordered. The one IEM cable of his I own is sonically a treat.
  8. cn11
    Five months and counting... I'm writing this up to a loss, and a lesson learned. Please, nobody do business with this guy. Wish it didn't have to come to a post like this, but it's beyond absurd. I'm done with Twisted Cables, and qusp. Book closed.
  9. Kremer930
    Hope he comes through for you. I had a heap of work done by Jeremy about two years back, custom interconnects and rewired for balanced cans, and whilst he was pretty slow overall as he was focussing on his own research he came through with the goods. My gear is still rocking strongly.
  10. cn11
    Thanks, I hope so too. I have a copper IEM cable, and an interconnect, from several years back and they are the best sounding cables I've had... I've written this order off though, as it's just been so long without any replies to my emails asking what's up. It's very weird, and frustrating.

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