Tweaked Maverick Audio D1 [PRICE DROP]
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Dec 3, 2009
I'd like to sell my Maverick Audio D1 unit, I am the original owner, bought in late 2009, and I believe it is the second (not third) revision. I have all the original cables, and packaging material which I will include with sale. It is in very good condition, and with it I will include an upgraded WE396A tube, and LT1364 OPAMP for the DAC and LM4562 OPAMP for the headphone stage. My reason for selling is i've got the upgrade itch. :)
Starting at $230 plus shipping, includes WE396A, upgraded OPAMPs, original cables, and original packaging. As it is in essentially almost-new condition, i've not put any pictures up, but if you'd like some PM me and I will take some on request. I have good reputation as a seller here on head-fi, and can provide references if needed, here is my feedback:
PM me if you want to haggle, i'm up for all reasonable offers, and would possibly be interested in trading for a power amp (plus extra money from me.) Thanks for looking!
EDIT: I can have it packaged and shipped same or next day! As soon as payment is received I can have it shipped fast, as you can see in my feedback.
EDIT2: Price drop, down to $220! Will not drop again.
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