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Mar 10, 2009
Hi guys,

I'm looking for an amp (connect to my desktop) to power my definitive technology procinema 100 bookshelf. I did some research online and found Tweak City Audio Gizmo. This little amp has sub out that is one of advantages over all T-amps I found on Ebay. If you have any chance to audition this little one, please let me know what do you think in term of sound and how does it compare with other t-amps?

Thanks in advance!
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I own one, and use it to power two ancient (circa 1964) KLH Model 30 speakers, and it sounds truly amazing, even with those crusty old speakers. I do not use it with my computer, however. I just use a Zune AV Dock and play music with the Zune80. It's a major improvement from the T-Amps I used to own (both v1 and v2). Believe me, it's a fantastic piece of gear at a great price. Are the still selling them? If so, you can't go wrong SQ-wise. I have a pair of PSB Intro CLR speakers, but they need a matching sub, and if I ever get some surplus cash, that's my next move (though the KLHs do sound very nice).
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Thanks for your information. When I searched online for some small amps, I saw lots of people talking about T-amps and most of them are made in China and the price is within $100 - $200 range that I budgeted. When I saw this little amp, Gizmo, it is really nice and having sub out option and probably made in US?. I thought why don't I try it out? Now you confirm that it's better than your T-amps, I will absolutely give it a shot. To answer your question, yes, it's still selling on the web.

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