TV speakers?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Apr 24, 2003
You mean some kind of speakers that you put along side the tv and have the sound of the tv output to the speakers? Doesn't matter what type of speakers, the TV audio output is usually RCA so you can always get a cable with the right connectors to hook them up.

Well for $200, the best choice is either a pair of active speakers or a T-amp + bookshelves speaker.

Swan made some quality active speakers, you can get at the audio insider. You can look at m-audio active speakers too which is sold at many places, but they are more analytical sounding for their usage purpose. Swan speakers are more musical sounding.

Or the other choice is buy the Sonic Impact T-amp version 2, which is $70 I think, and you can buy a bookshelf speakers that is rated about 8ohms and 88db+ spl. Just look on ebay, there many many brands to chose from you can get for around $125 used that can sound pretty acceptable, like a pair used Kef bookshelf.

Some of hdtv these day have pretty good internal speakers though that I don't mind, like the ones on the Samsung 52".

If I remember correctly, there were a thread that has a list of recommended gears for any price range, do anyone have the link to it?

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