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The Man. The Myth
Aug 26, 2010
Listening to Nine Types of Light at the moment and must say they are building quite an impressive body of work. I thought Dear Science was a pinnacle for them but this latest effort is phenomenal. Fantastic headphone music from an amazing band. I can't stop listening to it.
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Came here to post about them today.  I picked up Nine Types last night.  Found myself at an impasse between the vinyl and deluxe edition CD.  Erred on the side of the CD in the end.  Does anybody know if the vinyl version comes with deluxe content?
Gave the CD a listen in bed last night but fell asleep, so I haven't truly heard it yet.  Woke up towards the end to hear someone having some synthesizer fun on one of the bonus tracks.  Lots of LFO knob crankin' going on.
Anyone watched the movie yet?
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…hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the bass player on that record, Gerard Smith, died yesterday of lung cancer. He was 36…R.I.P.

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