Turntable Toys TC-8 Cork Mat
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 7, 2013

Years ago, when VPI sold their 16.5 record cleaning machines (ie. RCM) with foam mats, I got the idea of offering a VPI 17/17.5 RCM cork mat as an optional upgrade. My personal 16.5 was the first machine configured as such, installed by yours truly, then I did the store demo, and every single machine we sold thereafter had a cork mat. No exaggeration. The benefits were that obvious. Now all VPI 16.6 machines are sold with cork mats.

As we had the mats in stock, it was easy enough to slap one onto a Rega, replacing their awful felt mat, and the results were extremely positive. As such, I'd strongly urge 'table owners with felt mats to go for the cork. It's even less than $15 and just the relief in PITA, alone, is more than worth it.


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