Turntable and Amp for use with HD600?
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Mar 25, 2009
Hi, I've been considering purchasing some HD600's, however, I'm aware they need amping, so that's my question, what is a good option?

My budget is about £100 for an amp.

It needs to be able to be used with a turntable and a PC.

I've been recommended a second hand Cyrus One, would that be a good option?

I listen to mostly late 80's - mid 90's hip hop (Nas, Rakim, Big L etc)

In addition, as the title suggests I'm looking for a turntable too, now I have no idea about turntables, so any recommendations that don't cost a fortune?

Fwiw, I am in the UK, so I would need to be able to purchase here.

I know the budget bit for the turntable isn't very helpful, but I have no idea how much I should be paying, I don't really have much of a clue when it comes to sound equipment, this is my first venture into home equipment.

Many Thanks, and Merry Christmas.
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Hard to say since you are in the beautiful UK. I am using a Marantz 1060 and it works really well with the HD600s. They go for your price range regularly on eBay, but that is in and around North America. Don't know if there are any available near you since shipping would be a killer.

The Marantz also features a very nice moving magnet phono stage, so adding vinyl is not an issue. It also has a slew of tone controls to make it sound any way you want. I would look locally for a good vintage amp with phono capability. They really do justice to 80s era vinyl.
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Right, I have decided to go for some HD580's instead of HD600's.

Excluding headphones I am looking to spend about £300.

So apart from headphones what else do I need? Just an Amp and Turntable? Or do I need more?

This is my local stores website Could you tell me which products on there you would recommend to make my Vinyl set up, or if you don't think the products on there are suitable, what would be?

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Help, please? I'm going into my nearest city to have a look and possibly buy tomorrow as I want to get this bought before the new year, because VAT goes back up on 1st Jan.

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