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Discussion in 'TTVJ Premier Sponsor Forum' started by little j040, Nov 5, 2007.
  1. Little J040
    Hi all,

    I just posted this similarly in the DIY section, but im looking for a Preamp, with both MM and MC capabilities. Im considering building my own, or buying looking to spend 100-200$ let me know if you have any input [​IMG]
  2. gz76
    At that price you should be able to get a Cambridge Audio 640P new. Great value for the $$$'s.
  3. ssportclay
    I had been using a Graham Amp 3 Fanfare along with the Graham Slee PSU1 power supply and was fairly happy with it.I later put together a Hagerman Bugle with an LM4562 opamp in the U3 socket configured for the standard 40db gain to be used as a MM phono stage.I was so impressed with the Bugle that I wanted to somehow compare it with the MC only Graham Fanfare amp.I then ordered a pair of Cinemag CMQEE-344OA transformers and wired them in a plastic box with some female RCA jacks.The Bugle and Cinemags performed so well that they knocked the Graham Fanfare out of my system which was a major shock to me.It wasn't even a very close call.From my point of view,any one who buys one of the standard recommended $500 phono stages without considering the $75 Bugle is making a major mistake.
  4. Little J040
    Im strongly considering the Cambridge, however I am uncertain if it is worth the upgrade, as I will still be using the aux or cd input of my older Kenwood amplifier as the main amp.... Will a bad pre-amp section on this amp give it noticeably more problems than that of the full amplification schematic?
  5. Little J040
    any oppinions on this?
  6. ssportclay

    Originally Posted by Little J040 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    any oppinions on this?

    If you are unwilling to build yourself, the MM/MC Cambridge Audio 640P phono stage is a good option.The DIY Hagerman Bugle though less expensive should be a fairly large upgrade over the Cambridge Audio phono stage.The standard configuration is a 40db gain MM only that operates on (2) 9 volt batteries.It can be configured for a higher gain and different load for MC cartridges but tends to sound a bit more grainy and eat batteries faster at the 60db gain.Mine is built at the standard configuration but with the better LM4562 OPAMP in the U3 socket.I am using a pair of Cinemag step-up transformers so that I have enough gain for an Audio Technica AT-OC9ML/II moving coil cartridge.More upgrades exist.Some use Blackgate or Auricap capacitors.Some use Cardas or Vampire female surface mount RCA jacks.Some build the 15V power supply or use 12V SLA batteries.I have 2 AA 10-cell battery holders on order and who knows what this will do?The Bugle should serve you or any one well until you buy your first $2000 tonearm.
  7. jimr101
    Check out DAC usb phono preamp pp-4 it is MM/MC. And spend the saving on a good turn table.
  8. jimr101
    Sorry the brand is NAD PP-4 USB phono pream. I didn't mean to type DAC.

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