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Turbine Pros or IE8s

  1. Flyers12
    I'm torn between the monster turbine pros and the sennheiser ie8's. Which ones should I buy? I'm looking for ones that will last me a long time. I'm not really an expert of headphones, i just need bass. Sorry I did not mention it on the poll but it's the TURBINE PROS, not the regular ones.
  2. nozr
    ie8 by landslide i bet
  3. SolidVictory
    IE8, easily. Not only are the IE8's bass response extraordinary, but their soundstage quality and treble extension is irrefutable.
  4. Wmcmanus
    "Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool..."

  5. fenixdown110
    There was no decision, only IE8.
  6. Flyers12
    obviously no contest here, thanks for helping a noob.
  7. naddy
    keep in mind that no one has actually heard the turbine pro's that are responding to your poll.
  8. SoulSyde
    IE8 All the way!
  9. jonhapimp
    Kind of obvious....
    if not the ie8
  10. nders
    oops, u shud;ve mentioned turbine PRO in the poll. very few have heard them yet.
  11. Flyers12
    My bad I didn't mention turbine pros in the poll, I really like the turbines for some reason, they're stylish and come with a better carrying case, and I save over 50 dollars. But I don't want to make the wrong decision and regret it. I know not many people have the turbine pros, but do you think they provide better isolation than the ie8s?
  12. Dobber65
    Yes, the Pros are better at isolation for my ears than the IE8s, but there are alternative tips available for the Senns that are supposed to improve it. The IE8s don't sit as deeply in the ear as the Turbines.

    The bass on the Senns is impressive, and the soundstage is very big compared to other IEMs, but the Turbines (regular or Pro) are very good IEMs, especially for the price.
  13. ceekay84
    If all you need is bass then there is no better iem than the super fi 5 eb. the eb produces some skull-rattling bass. The atrio is another good iem that brings out good deep bass, though not as much quantity than the eb5s. I don't think I've heard any IEMs hit lower than that of the atrio m5/m8s.
  14. MacedonianHero Contributor
    This is a joke right? No one with any sense of hearing would take the Turbines (or Turbine Pros) over the IE8s.

    I've said this before:

    Turbines: Single A ball.
    Pros: Double A ball
    IE8: Major League Baseball.

    So, unless money is tight, I would stay out of the bush league and go for the real deal!
  15. fenixdown110
    Nice analogy. lol The IE8's are some of of the best non-custom IEM's on the market.

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