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Tubes for sale: RCA 12AU7A, 6AU7 and 2x Russian 6N3P-EB[PRICE DROP: FREE shipping for Asia Countries] FINAL PRICE DROP USD35

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  1. BillsonChang007
    For Sale
    Hello all,
    I am putting my tubes that I don't use anymore up for sale as they are taking up my space. I am not looking to sale them separately. There are four tubes namely;
    RCA 12AU7A
    RCA 6AU7
    2x Russian 6N2P-EB
    All tubes are in perfect condition and I have only use them for a review only. I mainly uses Amperex 6DJ8 now but I am not looking to sale my Amperex. All tubes have been used less than 80 hours and one of the Russian 6N2P-EB tube are never unused before. I will include boxes individually to keep all the tube and put them in a box to ship. 
    Price is USD 35 + shipping  FREE Shipping to Asia Countries + Paypal charges but shoot me a PM for your best offer. I would ship anywhere but would prefer it to be within Asia. Then again, just PM me! 

    Let me know as well, if you need a better picture of any section of the tubes. [​IMG]
    Best Regards
    Billson Chang 
  2. BillsonChang007
    bump anyone?
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