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Tubes for Sale: 12AU7, 12BH7, 6AS7G. Mullard, Sylvania, Sovtek, RCA, Ei

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  1. swich401
    For Sale
    Input tubes:

    (2X) Sylvania 12BH7A - Used, but test as new - $40 each

             -- Good linearity, smooth & slightly recessed upper mids/lower treble, good sub-bass extension
    (1X) (Rogers labelled) Mullard 12AU7A (NOS!!!) - $80

             -- Warm, smooth sounding, but with some amazing high end treble sparkle - Very euphonic - One of the highest rated 12AU7 variants
    (2X) Ei Yugoslavian 12BH7A (were NOS, I've put ~50-100 hours on one of them) - $20 each

             -- Neutral tube, with slight mid range emphasis, good linearity, good extension


    Power tubes:

    RCA 6AS7G black plates top-getter (not currently shown in pictures) - Used, but tests like new - $40 - Has faint background hum that can't be heard when music is playing - this is normal for all RCA 6AS7G tubes

                 -- Warm sounding, smooth upper treble, good extension, slight midbass boost; very slightly darker sounding than grey plate version of the same tube


    These were all tested in a tube tester, as well as in a Bottlehead Crack for any noise, leakage, etc.
    Buyer pays for shipping. Paypal or EMT preferred payment.
    Prices are relatively firm, but I may be able to give some wiggle room if you buy multiple tubes at once.
    Thanks for looking :)
  2. cheneric
    by any chance in the bay area?
  3. swich401
    Nay, up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  4. pdrm360
    It looks the background hum is common on the RCA 6AS7G tubes.  I have two NOS RCA-6AS7G grey plates, they both have the faint background hum.
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