Tubes and MOSFETs... Help
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Aug 20, 2005
Hey guys. I wouldn't exactly consider myself a newb to electronics; I took an ECE class as part of my curriculum and learned a good deal. I'm also not an EE though, I'm an ME. That being said, I'm having a hard time understanding what tubes and MOSFETs do in audio circuits, particularly in the Millet Starving Student schematic. I would really like to understand this schematic better but the info on wiki is too much for me. I would like it if someone here could give me a high level explanation of how these devices work, particularly in the Starving Student circuit. I'm not looking for a leyman's explanation per say, I just want something that's less of what's in the wiki articles and more of what you'd find in a "electronics for engineers (non-electronic-engineers)" which is the course that I took in which I was able to learn so much.

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