Tube Sound emulation on PC (Foobar and VST stuff)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by nofacemonster, Oct 28, 2017.
  1. nofacemonster
    Hi everyone... i thought i'd share what i did for past few weeks on the head-fi since it might be useful for someone like me in the future. I have always wondered how Tubes might sound like, I live in a wasteland for these kind of things so getting them down is impossible. but two months back i got my self a Marantz SR-73 receiver and a Marantz LS850 along with a bluetooth receiver off the ebay. It sounds pretty good and very anology to my ears. I did a bit of research online and found out a way to experience Tube like sound without actually buying an amp. (I already ordered a cheapo on though :D )

    I may be wrong, i maybe right but here goes.

    I used Foobar and george yohng's VST wrapper to run the VST plugins i found online. I went through few of them and they were actually for guitar players. Nothing really worked for my ears until i came across these

    I am currently using TAL-TUBE and i love how it sounds on the old marantz. I tried some of the other plugins and they really did made me understand how certain terms sounds like. for an example, there is a plugin to make things brighter and darker. I tried that one and figured out how really Dark and Bright sounds like (even though i knew it before).

    If anyone is interested in trying out Tube kind of thingy without actually buying it, this method works and it is kind of fun.

    Your valued suggestions are welcome, Correct me if i am wrong on anything and i am definitely sure that actual tubes may sounds much better than what an emulator does.

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