Tube Recommendations for Mjolnir 2?

  1. CodaDoyle
    Recently purchased Schitt Mjolnir 2 (should be shipped soon) with Modi multibit for my HD800S. Looking for tube replacements to deliver a warm, smooth sound with slammy bass, but take the edge off the treble. I mostly listen to EDM (John digweed, deadmau5, rezz), indie rock/alternative (alt-J, phoenix, two door cinema club). I currently use the magni 3. I love the detail and overall sound, but it can get very sharp and gets fatiguing fast.

    Any tube recommendation links would be appreciated. I've seen a lot of good word about the Amperex Orange Globes 6DJ8, but cant seem to find them anywhere other than ebay, and I'm afraid they might be fakes.
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  2. pbui44
    Try to hunt down the Siemens Halske CCa (Late 50s) and good luck even finding info on them.
  3. Todd Fredericks
    I also own the Mjolnir 2 and I’m curious of some more tube suggestions.
  4. pbui44

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