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Tube Headphone Amps available at TTVJ!

Discussion in 'TTVJ Shop' started by todd, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. Todd Contributor
    TTVJ has always aimed at delivering the best of the best to our customers. The lineup of tube headphone amplifiers that we carry represents some of the greatest designs currently available. Not only do we have our Apex High Fi Audio lineup but we carry many other impressive manufacturers. Here are the tube amps we carry and back with our 30 day money back guarantee...
    The Apex High Fi Pinnacle is the top of the line tube headphone amp currently available anywhere. It also serves as a magnificent preamp and won the 2012 The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award as a recommended preamp! Sold only through TTVJaudio.com, this is for the audiophile looking for the best! Pairs well with ANY headphone other than electrostatic.
    Price $10,000
    The EAR HP4 sounds great and offers versatility. Designed by the renowned Tim di Paravicini, the HP4 accommodates 4 headphones - 2 high and 2 low impedance!
    Price $5695
    The Manley Neo Classic 300B RC is a 300B tube preamp/headphone amp. The headphone section is warm and has the glorious sound of tubes. A bit on the warm side, the 300B is never fatiguing and never boring. It is downright fun to listen to! And it has a remote volume control!
    Price $5850

    The Luxman SQ-N10 is a very nice tube headphone amplifier that also outputs 12 watts a side for use with efficient speakers. An iPod dock is included as is a remote control.
    Price $2490
    The Cayin HA-1A is a great inexpensive way to get a very good tube amp for headphone listening. And it doubles as a 2.2w power amp for desktop speakers!
    Price $875
    TTVJAudio.com Todd Stay updated on TTVJAudio.com at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    http://www.ttvjaudio.com/ todd@ttvjaudio.com

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