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Tube Amplifier for Senheisser Momentum over ear.

  1. Detectit
    I would like to listen more to my Sennheiser Momentum's over ear.

    Tube amps always intrigued me. And would like to try.

    Now i did some investigating and narrowed it down to:

    - Little Dot 1+ which is very well for. Low impedance headphones and saw the output is bigger on a MK2

    - Little dot Mk2 is the Soundstage much different than the 1+?

    -Bravo Audio V2

    And this one, which looks awesome but not much to find about.

    What will be the best choice?

    Hope someone can kick me in the right direction.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
  2. Dulalala
    Well personally, I'd want to discourage you from getting a tube amp and use that money to get a better pair of headphones first instead.
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  3. Detectit
    And that's why?
  4. cossix
    I would agree 100%. While I love my Momentum 2's I wouldn't spend money to build a system around them. They are strictly for listening on the go in my case. I suggest you buy a pair of HD650 or something before you mess around with tube amps. The Momentum 2 sounds muffled and has bloated bass IN DIRECT COMPARISON to the HD650. I love the little guys but a tube amp won't make them sound better/much different. And plus, tube amps are for the most part for when you get bored with your high end headphones and want to try something new. Momentums are not very hi-fi and I really think you'd be better suited by a better pair of cans first
  5. Dulalala
    Basically this.

    You shouldn't be spending money on an amp if your headphone aren't up to par. Tube amps are also mostly used with high impedance cans, which the Momentum aren't, and amps makes much less of a difference than headphones do. Most of the difference in a tube amp (warmer/bloated bass depending on your perspective) is due to impedance mismatch. The tubes do have different tonalities but it's not worth the money you'd have to chip in unless you already have a good high end headphone.
  6. mysticstryk
    Your momentums won't gain much of anything by upgrading your amp.

    That said, check out the Vali 2 if your determined to get a tube amp in that price range. Will match well with a wide assortment of headphones as it has a low output impedance. I don't much care for Bravo and Littledot.
  7. cossix
    If you're dead set on a tube amp, Vali 2 is the way to go. You shouldn't spend any more money than that but a new headphone would still make more of a difference. I've heard the Vali 2 on my HD1 just for the hell of it and it was pretty disappointing
  8. Detectit
    OK clear i thought a tube amp gives more warmth and easy listening. Despite
    of the headphone.

    So basically the rule the larger the impedance the better a tube amp sounds. Sorry for being a noob.

    Guess i will have a talk to my misses to take some Sennheiser's at home.

    My wife like to watch TV while I want to listen to music. Atm with a smartphone and DAC amp but want to upgrade.
    I have a good av receiver with headphone amp but that's in use of my wife off course

    Headfi is a new world to explore.

    Thanks for the advice.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
  9. Dulalala
    Like I said, it depends on your perspective. Some people like it some people don't. It's mostly a preference thing and not any "better". Technically though, impedance mismatching is bad.
  10. buke9
    On higher impedance headphones it depends on the type of tube amp. A OTL tube amp (output transformer less) then yes higher impedance cans work better for most. A hybrid tube amp will run just about anything and will give you a bit of tube goodness with the right tube and play well with low impedance cans.
  11. ATC21
    Well everyone has already said what I would recommend for the same reasons, but here is an affordable suggestion to help your Momemtum sound better. There's a mobile app called Audyssey they provide a equalization curve/setting made specifically for the momentum. You can try it out for free and see it you like it. Compare it with your current mobile player you may find it helps. You may be able to better the sound on the cheap for now as you continue to reasearch. Oh I should mention I have used it in iOS only
    My 2cts
  12. Detectit
    Thanks all.... It's going to be all different in the setup.
    Holiday is coming so I thought spending the money first on a decent mobile setup.

    I have got the HTC U11 Android and tried several usb dacs but it's a no go. Amplifying goes. But the processing is all done by the phone.

    So ordered a Cayin N3 to go with the Momentum.
    And a Topping Nx4 (Nx3 sold out in silver) to go with the HD650. Which i get from my wife... She works at Sennheiser headquarters. :L3000:
    I think it's a decent beginners setup.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2017
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  13. ATC21
    Very nice, respectable choices IHO. I think You are really going to like your Sennheiser more so now.
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  14. paradisle
    Have you considered something like this? I believe it's class A tube - Phatlab Sassy II

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