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Jun 21, 2001
HI All,
We have been very busy trying to fill all of the orders for the NEW Meridian Explorer DAC. At $299 this is one fantastic DAC. Order now and get in line for one! They are 1 week back ordered at this time.

We have the last Apex Arete headphone amp/ preamp on sale for $750 on our website. There is only one left - first come first serve on it. This is a great solid state amp that compares very well against much more expensive amps. It can also be upgraded with the Volcano power supply for and additional $700 now or $750 later...

We also have 2 Burson amps in stock that have been discontinued - the HA-160 for $675 ($799) new in the box and the Burson HA-160DS for $850 ($999) new in the box!


 And NEW from Burson and coming soon to TTVJAudio the Burson Soloist SL for $599! The Soloist SL headphone amp.


We have a Luxman DA200 that has less than 30 days use in excellent - like new condition for sale for the ultra low price of $2100! This Preamp, Headphone amp, DAC combo is a fabulous piece and sounds so good you will never need another piece for your headphone rig!

We also have a Fostex HP-P1 that is used on sale for $520.

The Cardas Clear headphone cable is nothing short of awesome. We have one that is very lightly used for the HiFiMan headphones. It is balanced and 10 ft long.

We have a lot of exciting news coming in the near future so stay tuned!
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