Trying to post in for sale/trade section
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Sep 6, 2014
Hello everyone, 
I've been reading the forum for various product reviews and to look up on products I own/lust for, but haven't really posted much on the forum. 
I'm trying to post a couple posts on the for sale section, as I'm soon relocating from UK to US, and looking to downsize some of my collections. However apparently I still cannot post it there. Maybe I would need to write something down here first?
Thanks all. 
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New members or those with low post counts cannot post in the sale forum. It's a bit of a safety mechanism to filter out scammers and so we don't get a flood of people signing up purely to sell. I see you registered last year, so just wander around the forums for a bit and get some activity going.
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"Anyone wishing to post a thread in the For Sale/Trade forums must be a member of Head-Fi for over thirty (30) days, and have over fifteen (15) posts. If you have not met these requirements, you will see "You are over your limit for posting this forum. Please check back later."
Please note that after you've made your 15th post (if you already have been a member for 30 days), the system takes one hour to update before you will have access.
WARNING:  Posting nonsense or useless posts to get to your 15 required posts is not allowed. If it is found that you reached the requirement by making such posts, your For Sale/Trade forum privileges may be revoked indefinitely, and you may be banned at least temporarily."

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