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Trying to figure out which ALO cables work with the Imod

  1. Jarmel
    Right, I recently purchased an Imod and need to get a cable. I was looking at ALO's website and only one cable I can see that works with the Imod(LOD to mini only) is this

    ALO Audio

    I heard there were other versions but can't find them anywhere on the website. Thanks for any help.
  2. krmathis Contributor
    First, you want to tell which generation iMod you have, a 4th or 5th, since they use different cables.
    The 4G need a miniplug, while the 5G need a dock connector with a built in capacitor...

    For the 4G any of these should work: ALO Audio
    While for the 5G it seems like the one you linked to are the only one. Not counting the RCA out cables that is -> ALO Audio
  3. Jarmel
    Sorry I have a 5.5 gen. However I ended just sucking it up and buying a Portable V-Cap Dock.
  4. mrarroyo Contributor
    Good luck w/ your new toy Jarmel. Do hope you post your impressions after the unit is fully burnt in. BTW, what amp are you using?

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