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Trying to decide on first quality cans

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by why sleep, Jul 29, 2011.
  1. why sleep
    Hi everyone, first time poster here. I've enjoyed the forum & it's incredible community for some time now and can finally enter the foray of higher-end audio. Recently some deals have come my way on the following pieces so I'm stuck trying to choose between them. Suggestions on any other cans are of course welcome as well.
    -BeyerDynamic T1's, slightly used by a friend, for $800
    -Sony MDR-CD3000, found here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/564542/headphones-sony-mdr-cd3000-woodied-akg-k340-woodied-and-koss-ksc-35
    -Audio Technica ATH-W5000, also slightly used by a friend, for $500
    I'm aware that these cans have many intrinsic differences and that "better" is highly subjective, just looking for some general opinions really. It may be worth noting I haven't purchased a serious, relevant amp yet, so "matching" doesn't have to be taken into consideration. Amp budget is about $600 & am open to suggestions in that arena as well. Thanks very much guys, your input is appreciated!
  2. BotByte
    I'd like to give you a good opinion of mine:
    Don't buy used for a starter can.
    This is because the person buying is inexperienced with what they are buying.
    I know it sounds like a good deal, but if you can't put a amp to a can, the entire process is worthless.
    How about this, give me:
    Price range
    Music/Movies/Games you'd use them for.
    Sources you might have (Ipod/MP3, Computer with soundcard, amp/DAC)
    Can preferences
    And I can help you find something you'd like.
    I'm gonna get flack for this. [​IMG]
  3. MalVeauX
    What else have you listened to? Have you ever listened to anything flagship like the T1?
    What kind of sound are you looking for?
    Otherwise, since you're willing to drop that kind of coin, you're just going to hear the standard "HD800, LCD-2, T1, W5000, Edition 10" etc.
    Need a lot more info on what you're looking to find.
    Oh, and I have to throw it out there, but source is going to be more critical than amp when you jump into these flagship high end models in my opinion. A junk signal from a laptop isn't going to cut it. And 320kbps MP3's better not be your source. So what's your source?
    Very best,
  4. why sleep


    -I understand your concern about buying used, the individual who owns the T1 & AT's has a large range of amps which he let me test the cans on(including a Phonitor & a B22). I came away extremely impressed with both and I trust the guy.
    -Price range is up to $1k, can't go much higher considering a quality amp purchase in the near future.
    -Source material would be widely varied, though musically I'm inclined to jazz, classical, idm/edm, classic rock, hip hop. The phones wouldn't be used much for movies. PC games I'd play with them would be Battlefield Bad Company 2, Witcher 2, & eventually Battlefield 3. 
    -Current source is an HT Omega Claro+ PC soundcard, link here:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829271003
    -Can preference would have to be judged along the lines of the T1's on that B22 as a "golden rule". That objective, balanced sound with a slightly warm inflection really did it for me. An untrained ear, I know, but it's the best thing I've heard next to HD800's on a Phonitor.
  5. why sleep

    -Have listened to some HD800's on a Phonitor,  LCD-2's on that B22, as well as several mid-range phones like HD-650's & AKG K701's on a Creek amp. 
    -As stated the T1's on the B22 were amazing, as were the HD 800's on that phonitor. Guess I'm more inclined to a "clinical" sound than a more colored or affected one. I'm also hyper-sensitive to treble.
    -Source would always be FLAC
  6. MalVeauX
    Get the Teslas used. I think you already knew this though.
    Very best,
  7. Ultrazino
    Yes, get the T1 for the price and never look back!
  8. BotByte
    I'm not too good at matching amps to cans, I have a receiver with a switch I modded in with a whole new board I custom built so I can flip the switch and change currents. So I never need a whol room of amps to change to.
    So can't help you there. 
    If the T1 is the balanced model and in "line new" condition, it's well worth it
    A custom modded can is not something to buy as a major can. It's just fun to mod but people still try to sell them off for a weird reason.
    The w5000 isn't worth it at that price
    I'd look into the T1 if I was you. Ask around the Desktop Amp forum here for a amp or maybe a receiver that can run from your soundcard. I would wait off to get a DAC if I was you because your soundcard probably fair pretty well as a preamp/DAC and running to your amp.
  9. MalVeauX
    To start out, depending on budget, check out the Bitfrost DAC. Do not use a soundcard on a T1.
    Very best,
  10. BotByte

    The USB option is $450 for it, that would mean he's over budget
  11. why sleep




    Sorry if I wasn't clear in that first post, I'm working within a 1k budget for the cans themselves & a $600 budget for an amp/DAC solution. Cheers for the advice guys, have taken some serious interest in the T1's, though haven't committed to them just yet = )
  12. why sleep


    The Bitfrost looks really nice, some stellar reviews as well. It's definitely going on the short list =D

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